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Framboise Dessert Wine

Framboise Dessert Wine Wine Details
Price: $14.99 per bottle

Description: Gold Medal Winner at the 2003 All-Canadian Wine Championships and Silver at the 2003 Taster's Guild International. The Jost Vineyards Framboise is a dessert style wine made from raspberries grown by Robert and Elizabeth Barber on the sunny slopes of Malagash Peninsula of Nova Scotia. Harvested at peak ripeness the raspberries were warm fermented as whole berries so as to extract the maximum colour and flavour possible. The result is a bright, well balanced dessert wine exhibiting intense raspberry fruit on both the nose and palate. Jost Vineyards Framboise was awarded Quality Certification by the national fruit wine certifying body (Fruit Wines of Canada). It is a delicious treat in itself that will also compliment any dessert.


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