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1999 Premium Oak-Aged Michurinetz

1999 Premium Oak-Aged Michurinetz Wine Details
Price: $39.95 per bottle

Description: Gold medal winner at 2002 InterVin International. Bronze medal winner at 2002 International Tasters Guild. Only 75 cases of the Gold Medal award winning 1999 Michurinetz were produced from Michurinetz grapes grown in Jim Gray’s vineyard located near Berwick, Nova Scotia. The complexity of this rare Russian grape variety was enhanced with barrel aging in French Oak producing a distinct, dry red wine which is great with many red meat dishes but will be enjoyed on its own. Notice: Some colour sediment may form in unfiltered wine. (2 Bottle Limit)

Varietal Definition
This vine, at home in Eastern Europe, is a Vitis vinifera and Vitis Amurensis hybrid. The grape is now being grown experimentally in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and British Columbia, but has already established resounding commercial status in Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia during the 1980s, Michurinetz, marketed as Cuvee D'Amur, produced gold medals at the premier Bristol and New York competitions for Roger Dial's Grand Pré Winery. Grand Pré's 1983 Cuvée D'Amour shocked the Canadian Wine Press when, not only a wine from Nova Scotia, but a wine made from a little known Russian varietal was voted the 'best wine of Canada' in a blind competition to supply the Canadian Embassies around the world. More recently two other Nova Scotia wineries, Jost Vineyards and Sainte Famille, are making notable wines with Michurinetz. This extremely cold-hardy and vigorous vine typically produces red wines with tannic muscularity. The grapes also typically have extremely high natural acidity, and low sugar levels whic


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