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L’Acadie Blanc Oak-aged

L’Acadie Blanc (Oak-aged) Wine Details
Price: $12.99 per bottle

Description: Jost Vineyards 2001 Oak-aged L'Acadie Blanc is a truly Nova Scotian wine. Aging in French limousine oak barrels has given it the smoky vanilla characteristics it possesses. L'Acadie Blanc is a grape variety that flourishes in the maritime climate of this part of the Acadian homeland, producing a lovely dry white wine that is the perfect companion to Nova Scotia's world renowned seafood and shellfish.

Varietal Definition
L’Acadie Blanc is a Vineland (Ontario, Canada) hybrid of great commercial significance in Nova Scotia, Canada. Its name derives from its first commercial wine use in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia, originally settled by the Acadian French in the 17th century. The grape is well adapted to the Nova Scotian winters and a relatively early ripener. The wine in its most basic varietal form is not dissimilar to non-oaked cool climate Chardonnays made along the same lines such as Chablis. It has a naturally crisp acidity, to balance a broad, full-bodied palate with apple and citrus characteristics. Like Chardonnay, L’Acadie Blanc lends itself to a considerable number of winemaking styles. Oak fermentation and or maturation, sur lees aging and partial skin contact all contribute to very stylish and complex wines.


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