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Malvasia Bianca

Malvasia Bianca Wine Details
Price: $17.00 per bottle

Description: Malvasia Bianca is one of the most unusual white wines we produce. Part of the Muscat family, it is hugely aromatic – with fresh floral notes of rose petals melding with perfumed orange rind and tropical fruits… overlaid with exotic ginger, nutmeg and spice. The grapes were hand picked on October 21 from a single vineyard in the Russian Valley called Richard’s Grove. We fermented the grapes at cool temperatures in stainless steel to capture the vivid flavors of this wine – fresh ginger, spice and honey combine with Fuji apple, crisp acidity and grapefruit zest on the finish. Notice how this complex wine leaps out of the glass. Superb with Asian-fusion cuisine with a little heat. Only 500 cases were made and available only at the winery.

Varietal Definition
Semi-classic grape cepage of ancient, probably Greek, origin. Widely grown in Italy as distinctive area sub-varieties, such as Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia Istriana etc. Used to produce dry and sweet white, and light red, wines with high alcohol content and residual sugar. Also widely grown in Portugal and the island of Madeira where the important wine-name Malmsey is an English word corruption of Malvasia.


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