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Terre Rouge Roussanne, Shenandoah Valley

Terre Rouge Roussanne, Shenandoah Valley Wine Details
Price: $22.00 per bottle

Description: We began bottling Roussanne on an annual basis in 2001. This bottling originates from a newly established vineyard site between Auburn and Foresthill called the Monarch Mine Vineyard. it is planted with a clone of the Roussanne grape that originates from a Chave family parcel on the hill at Hermitage. This is a difficult variety to grow. It ripens unevenly, so it must be harvested selectively and not all at the same time. It is also susceptible to powdery mildew. The fruit in 2004 was fully ripe at harvest in mid-September. The resulting wine has classic Roussanne characteristics: Straw golden color; with exquisite quince, honeynut, and beeswax aromas. It has a very rich and silky mouth feel. A rare treat.

Varietal Definition
Also known as Bergeron in the french Savoie region. Semi-classic grape grown in the Hermitage-Rhone and southern Cotes du Rhone region of France. Still occasionally incorporated into white wine blends, (e.g: with the Marsanne grape wine), because of its acidity and aroma but finding less and less favor.


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