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Traminer, Santa Barbara County, Alisos Vineyard,

Traminer, Santa Barbara County, Alisos Vineyard, Wine Details

Description: A beautiful straw-like color hints of sensations to come. Extremely aromatic, the nose is floral and honeyed, with hints of something tropical, perhaps gardenia? Perhaps the bouquet leading you to other conclusions, on the palate the wine is dry with a viscous texture, tastes of tropical fruits flavors of guava, passionfruit and kiwi and a bit of spice – cumin and perhaps cinnamon stick. The finish is lively and lingering with a minerality reminiscent of the seashore.

Varietal Definition
Parent grape of the popular Gewurztraminer clone. Still grown in France and in California but almost everywhere has been replaced by its much more intense and spicy offspring clone.


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