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Blanc Du Bois

Blanc Du Bois Wine Details
Price: $8.95 per bottle

Description: Mingling spicy flavor with striking bouquet, this distinctive wine finishes semi-dry, light and elegant.

Varietal Definition
Blanc du Bois:
Developed at the University of Florida for use in that state, this white wine-producing grape with a flavor similar to Muscat has had medal-winning success for somewhat Riesling-like varietal still wine and blends of sparkling wine. Developed by John Mortenson of the Leesburg Research Station, it is the result of a cross between a Florida-developed hybrid (thought by some to be a V. aestivalis complex derivative) and the Cardinal table grape. Fertile, productive and hearty, it ripens in early July in Florida. A coldy hardy varietal,it is also resistant to Pierce's disease, but appears particularly vulnerable to Anthracnose and Black Rot.


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