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CHAUCER'S Olallieberry

CHAUCER'S Olallieberry Wine Details
Price: $12.00 per bottle

Description: "Olallie" is a word for berry that was used by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. An olallieberry is a hybrid cross of a loganberry and a youngberry which are both crosses themselves (loganberry = raspberry x blackberry; youngberry = blackberry x Texas dewberry). Because the olallieberry has blackberry forebearers on both sides of its parentage, it is not surprising that it exhibits many of the same flavor characteristics. However, olallieberries are much larger in size and generally are sweeter than blackberries grown under the same conditions. Although this wine exhibits a richness similar to a fine liqueur, this specialty dessert-style beverage is not fortified and contains only 10.5% alcohol. Hence, this wine should be consumed shortly after purchase to enjoy its natural and rich fruit flavor. It is also recommended to refrigerate this delicate product after opening.


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