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Lodi Carignane

Lodi Carignane Wine Details
Price: $16.00 per bottle

Description: This vineyard in Lodi has very old head-trained vines and low grape production, resulting in intensely raspberry and dark cherry flavored wine. The tannin structure is present but not overpowering. Hints of oak and black pepper are present. This wine would pair well with lamb or pasta.

Varietal Definition
Carignane is one of the world’s most prolific wine varieties. Thriving in warm climates, Carignane was until the late 1970s, the most widely-planted red variety in California. Hailing from Aragon, Spain, this grape is capable of deeply-colored, extracted and tannic wines of considerable alcohol. It is a late-budder and does not ripen until late in the season. Highly prone to mildew disease, it requires long, dry growing conditions. It is often used as a blending component with other, more anemic, hot-climate varieties, like Grenache and Cinsault, which typically lack the deep pigment and extract which Carignane brings to the blend.


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