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“NAMELESS” Wine Details

Description: 2002 “Nameless” is the newest addition to the Vincent Arroyo Winery line-up of wonderful wines. We have bottle-aged this wine for 8 months, allowing the flavors in the blend to integrate, and now “Nameless” is ready to be enjoyed! Deep garnet color, aged in just over 50% new oak barrels (mostly French), this wine has a developed structure and delicious flavors of sweet Queen Anne Cherries, red currants, freshly grated nutmeg, and hints of dried meat. The finish is smooth with a kick of tannins to remind us of its’ Napa Valley roots.

Varietal Definition
This variety has high acidity, when fermented it produces a well-balanced dry red table wine. The wine has a deep blue-red color when young, but when aged the blue pigment is deposited & the wine becomes quite stable.


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