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Blanc Du Bois Dry

Blanc Du Bois Dry Wine Details
Price: $10.00 per bottle

Description: Blanc Du Bois (French for White of the Wood) is a European/American Hybrid, white wine bunch grape. This well balanced white wine burst forth with cleancrisp flavors of fruit including peach, pear, tropical fruit with light hints of wood character and honey suckle aromas. Louisiana wine drinkers should be encouraged as Landry Vineyards of Louisiana is producing a wine that compliments and goes extremely well with our Great Louisiana Cuisine.

Varietal Definition
Blanc du Bois:
Developed at the University of Florida for use in that state, this white wine-producing grape with a flavor similar to Muscat has had medal-winning success for somewhat Riesling-like varietal still wine and blends of sparkling wine. Developed by John Mortenson of the Leesburg Research Station, it is the result of a cross between a Florida-developed hybrid (thought by some to be a V. aestivalis complex derivative) and the Cardinal table grape. Fertile, productive and hearty, it ripens in early July in Florida. A coldy hardy varietal,it is also resistant to Pierce's disease, but appears particularly vulnerable to Anthracnose and Black Rot.


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