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Wine Bunny Blanc

Wine Bunny Blanc Wine Details
Price: $10.00 per bottle

Description: Not just any bunny hopping through the vineyard. Wine Bunny Blanc and Wine Bunny Rouge are complex, beguiling and well rounded. This cottontail is sure to enhance many a dish or briarpatch. A blend of Chardonnay and Gewurtraminer.

Varietal Definition
Chardonnay is by far the most widely planted grape crop in California and dominates California’s cooler, coastal, quality wine regions. The natural varietal ‘taste and smell’ of Chardonnay is surprisingly unfamiliar to many wine drinkers, as its true character is often guised with dominating winemaking signatures. Chardonnay’s rather subdued primary fruit characteristics lean toward the crisp fruitiness of apples, pears and lemon, but the variety’s full body is capable of supporting a host of complementary characteristics, such as oak, butter and vanilla. Regardless of what is the appropriate style for Chardonnay, the varietal continues to dominate vineyard plantings in every corner of the world. Close attention to clonal selection has made this broad geographic and climactic range of Chardonnay viable in thoughtful viticultural hands.
Parent grape of the popular Gewurztraminer clone. Still grown in France and in California but almost everywhere has been replaced by its much more intense and spicy offspring clone.


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