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Grenache Wine Details

Description: We produced several vintages of Grenache in the early nineties, and a blend with Syrah called “Tierra del Sol.” The vines used for those early bottlings were unfortunately lost in the big freeze of 1996. We have now replanted, allowing us to return Grenache to our lineup. This is our fourth vintage from the new vineyards. Our primary use of these grapes is in our southern-Rhône blend (“Sirocco”). But we enjoy the strawberry-and-spice of Grenache so much that we bottled some varietally, with a bit of Syrah to lend structure, soften the acids, and fill out the mid-palate.

Varietal Definition
Grenache Noir is the world’s most widely planted grape used to make red wine, sometimes made into a stand-alone varietal, frequently as a Rosé, but most often as a backbone of red blends. Its strength is its ability to grow in arid and windy conditions. It’s particularly suited to warm coastal regions of California, Spain and France. Grenache-based wines tend to be high in alcohol, with attractive fruit qualities in youth and a sweet berry character.Used as a component in some Northern Rhône reds, nearly exclusively for Rhône Rosés and as the primary component in nearly all Southern Rhône red blends, Grenache is probably most notable as the base varietal for Chateauneuf du Pape, Cotes du Rhône and Gigondas. In spite of its fame coming from French wines, Spain is most likely this grape’s origin.


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