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Angelica Wine Details

Description: production of this wine is based on a wine made at the early California missions in the 1800's from the Mission grape variety. We don't grow Mission here, but I liked the concept and decided to experiment with Gewurztraminer to see what would happen - the results are exceptionally flavorful. This is an easy wine to make: Pick Gewurz at 23.5 + sugar, crush the grapes and leave them overnight on the skins, press them, add yeast, when 1-2% of sugar has fermented out, add brandy and stop the fermentation. Put the wine in stainless barrels outside, allow it to chill during the winter- so it settles clear.- and after 8-10 months, bottle it. It will bottle age and continue to gain richness and complexity for many years.

Varietal Definition
Earliest grape planted in 17th century in what is now the state of California. Thought to have arrived in the America's by Spanish conquistadores importation. Known to be identical with the Pais grape widely grown in Chile and thought to originate from the Monica grape of Spain and Sardinia.
Parent grape of the popular Gewurztraminer clone. Still grown in France and in California but almost everywhere has been replaced by its much more intense and spicy offspring clone.


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