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Texas Torte · Texas Vineyards

Texas Torte · Texas Vineyards Wine Details
Price: $37.00 per bottle

Description: The Lenoir grape was first brought to Texas by Spanish missionaries. Our harvest was so tasty we decided to make a few barrels of star quality dessert wine. It’s like an angels tear on your tongue, and is scary dark red. This wine is surprisingly plush and is a luscious treat after dinner, or after dark! I hope you’ll be as surprised as I was. Jeffrey Sneed - winemaker

Varietal Definition
This red-fleshed grape is a popular variety in Texas, where it is sometimes blended with Ruby Cabernet to make red table wine. It is highly resistant to Pierce’s disease, which makes it a good match for the hot and often humid Texas climate. It thrives best in deep, sandy soils. Originally, Black Spanish was used as a wine at Communion. At one time, along with Mission, Lenoir was one of Texas’s most planted varietals. Acreage in the state is now on the decline, although it still maintains a presence in the state, particularly in the few wineries located near the Gulf of Mexico.


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