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Blue-Winged Teal

Blue-Winged Teal Wine Details

Description: Among the first ducks to migrate in the fall and one of the last in the spring, the Blue-winged Teal is known for its speed and agility in flight. Flocks are small, compact and seem to perform their erratic flight maneuvers in unison. In flight the most distinguishing feature is the large blue-gray upper wing patch which transitions to an iridescent green in the secondaries. The underwing appears almost white. A unique feature of the male (drake) is the white, black edged crescent in front of the eyes contrasting with the slate gray head and neck. Plumage is mottled brown with black speckles and a white spot on the side of the rear. The legs are rustic orange and the bill is gray-black. The female (hen) has a dark brown eye stripe and the bluish coverts are less vibrant than the males. The Blue-winged is rather small in size 12 - 14" long and .8 to 1.1 pounds when mature. A very vocal duck - the male has a soft whistled note and the female a high pitched squeak.


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