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Rain-Lily Wine Details

Description: Often a day or two after a rain, between the months of May through September, the Rain-Lily (sometimes called the Evening-Star) will bloom. The white flower has six petal-like lobes usually tinged in pink, where it emerges from the floral tube. The flowers are 1.25” - 2” in diameter, terminal, upright, and solitary on a leafless stem. The leaves, like the flower, emerge from the bulb becoming very elongated, slender, and grasslike. Both the flower and leaves reach up to 12” in height. The C. pedunculata has a floral tube of 1” - 1.5” and blooms more often in the spring and early summer while the C. drummondi (giant Rain-Lily) has a floral tube of 3” - 7” usually blooming in September and October. The flowers, normally lasting 4 days, open in the evening.


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