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Spiced Wine or Witches Brew

Spiced Wine or Witches Brew Wine Details
Price: $5.99 per bottle

Description: Our secret recipe made with cinnamon, cloves and other natural spices. Makes great sangria in the summer and on those chilly nights, warm it gently in the microwave by the glass or try a "witches brew" by simmering the wine in a crock pot with a cinnamon stick!


Karen L. says...
By far my favorite wine. Oddly enough I found it during Halloween and I wanted a decoration or two for a party. The label was appropriate so I bought a bottle but little did I expect to find the wine so flavorful. The initial smell of the wine immediately catches your attention; brimming with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Its gotten to the point where each year around Halloween i have to buy five or more bottles just to keep myself through the year!

blue flyer says...
The aroma is like mulled wine. Tast is semi sweet.

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