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Classic Port

Classic Port Wine Details

Description: A light port made in the traditional port method. This dessert wine is a blend of barrel aged port wines made from Chancellor, Chambourcin and Foch. This "northern grown port" exhibits strong fruit character and a lighter body that makes it perfect with sweet dessert foods such as chocolate or raspberry based confections and tortes, or with soft cheeses such as a fine brie. To capture and enjoy the intense fruit of this wine, serve at cool room temperature in a glass with a large globe and a narrow opening.

Varietal Definition
A french-american hybrid used to make red wines with fruity flavors and some herbaceousness. Grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada. Decreasing acreages also found in Europe; due to stringent European Union rules these varieties cannot be blended with traditional varieties.
A french-american hybrid with origins in the Rhone Valley of France. Was widely grown and very popular in France where it was used to produce high quality red and rose' wines. Now being replaced by varieties stipulated by E.U. rules. Also grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada.


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