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1991 Cuvée RD

1991 Cuvée RD Wine Details
Price: $50.00 per bottle

Description: Sparkling wines improve with age in the bottle before they undergo the finishing steps that precede corking. But once these steps have been taken they should - - like beer - - be drunk relatively soon. When we sell out of a particular sparkling wine vintage, we usually hold back 60 or 70 cases to continue aging and improving in the bottle. We recently sold out of the wine finished in this way from 1990 and finished a small quantity from the excellent and well-aged 1991 vintage. The French refer to Champagnes made using this 'late-finishing' process as 'RD', or Récemment dégorgé (recently disgorged). The 1991 is rich and sumptuous where the current-release 1996 is fresh and vibrant. Like RD wines in general, the 1991 has certain nutty earthiness that comes with the process, overlaying the original - - but muted - - fruit base of the wine.


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