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Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng Wine Details
Price: $17.99 per bottle

Description: This is White Hall's fourth year producing a Petit Manseng, and the wine has quickly become a local favorite. A grape known primarily for blending, it is becoming more and more popular as a varietal. Our Petit Manseng grapes were harvested later than most fruit, providing beautifully ripe flavors. Expect a big, rich, aromatic, fruity, and floral white wine with just a bit of sweetness.

Varietal Definition
Petit Manseng:
This white wine-producing grape is being grown on small acreages in Virginia, notably by Chrysallis Vineyards. The vine originates in the Jurancon region of southwestern France, where it is highly regarded. Wines made from this variety in the Jurancon are typically of exceptionally high quality and can be very aromatic. Aromas of the wines are suggestive of cinnamon, peaches and pineapple. The best and most famous wines from the region are the Jurancon Moelleux. These are sweet wines, which are made from the small thick grapes that have been left on the vine well into November in order to concentrate natural sugars. This coupled with the grapes' natural high acidity, creates the ideal combination for great dessert wine production. The vine's loose clusters, and the high pergola training it receives in the Jurancon, limits Petit Manseng's susceptibility to rot. This is ideal for production in the humid conditions of Virginia. Unfortunately, the vine also requires an extended growing season. Only areas where e


Todd says...
This is a semi-dry wine with somewhat of an apple flavor. The acidity makes it a great outdoor wine.

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