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Glenlyon Vineyards & Winery

Glenlyon Vineyards & Winery GlenLyon Winery was first built as a storage barn in 1987 by Squire and Suzy after their move to Glen Ellen to store (believe it or not) a bunch of theatre equipment: lighting instruments, theatre seats, electrical boxes and cables, drapes, props and costumes. (It’s a very long story....) After the Year-of-the-Theatre-Fiasco, that storage barn space was used to make our first “Garage Wine”. Slowly but surely over the next fifteen years, that 24x36 facility grew four times its initial size into a State-of-the-Art Winery. From the moment the massive winery doors are opened and the just-harvested grapes are brought in, each piece of spotless equipment serves a purpose. From the bin dumper/sorting tray, to the adjustable-roller destemmer, to the three 971 gallon, open-top fermentation tanks, to the bladder press, to the temperature/humidity controlled barrel room, everything has been customized, designed and built for GlenLyon. (To her chagrin, Suzy’s last Valentine’s Day present was a beautiful sanitizing, stainless Ozone Machine...and her last Anniversary Gift was a nifty new stainless press-catch basin....)


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  GlenLyon Estate Port
Every grape for the three barrels of the 2004 GlenLyon Estate Syrah Port came from the vines at GlenLyon, hand harvested ten days after our regular Syrah harvest was completed. After you open the sleek, tall, silkscreened 375ml black bottle, you'll notice the wonderful blackberry jam tastes and non-cloying aromas of fortified Syrah grapes. (Squire again slept in the winery during the night of alcohol addition, setting his alarm every hour so that he could stop fermentation at precisely the right sugar level....) Suzy loves it and Squire says he'd pour it on waffles every morning at breakfast but it would make his work day too short.... There were only 150 cases made and it is our best yet!
  GlenLyon Estate Syrah
The 2003 GlenLyon Estate Syrah is, again, a classic! A complex wine, elegant, supple and harmonious with hints of red raspberries, cinnamon, cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate with the fruit, tannins and alcohol in perfect harmony. This is a Big Wine, round and rich without being overbearing and is definitely worthy of aging.
  Hog Wilde Chardonnay
GlenLyon only grows Syrah on the Estate, so the grapes for the ten barrels of the 2004 Hog Wilde Chardonnay came from a three and a half acre vineyard owned and operated by Parmelee-Hill in the Southern portion of Sonoma Valley. We made the grapes into wine here at GlenLyon and then barrel fermented the Chardonnay in both neutral and 20% new French Oak barrels. It is a mouth watering, creamy, acid balanced, lemon zest Chardonnay and was only allowed to complete 20% malolactic fermentation so that the fruit was allowed to shine. The fruit made such a wonderful wine that, for the first time, we have had the name "Parmelee-Hill" added to the label, giving the bottle its own vineyard designation. The 2004 is Hog Wilde Chardonnay at its best and is a terrific alternate to those HeavyButterHugeOakTreeCalifornia Chardonnays that all those PseudoEnophillicBloviatedPeople tend to drink.


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