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Beauregard Vineyards

Beauregard Vineyards The Beauregard Family has grown premium wine grapes for 4 generations now. Our vineyards have been the largest fruit source for the entire Santa Cruz Mountain wine region for the last 40 years, and now we are focused on using our fruit to produce our own brand of world-class wines. Our goal is to bring recognition to an unknown region-- recognized by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) as Ben Lomond Mountain-- which is where the community of Bonny Doon resides. Amos Beaureagard purchased the first piece of our estate land in 1946, where he farmed some of the nation's finest fruit until his death in the 1970's. Next Emmett (Bud) Beauregard took the reigns, to be a purveyor and a pioneer in the wine trade aside from his esteemed grocery store, Shopper's Corner. He grew grapes on a purely recreational basis for the love of the trade, and in the spirit of keeping the second generation of a legacy alive. Bud is retired as of now (2002), and is a key factor in our sensory evaluation processes. Jim Beauregard is the current Viticulturalist, and is a well-known figure in the industry. He is responsible for establishing the Ben Lomond Mountain Growing Appellation, on the premise that the wines of this region have their very own distinct qualities that set them apart from the rest of the Santa Cruz Mountain appellation. The unique climate in Bonny Doon lends itself to wines which are just plain better than those from the rest of the region (Santa Cruz Mountains), and the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms approved the designation of this new growing appellation. During the late 70s and early 1980s Jim was the purveyor of Felton Empire Winery, which quickly earned world renown. Jim continued forward on his own, and now his 62 acres produce some of the finest fruit in the state of California. Beauregard Vineyards came about as Jim's son Ryan decided to carry on the fourth generation of the business. Established in 1999, the family partnership combines our family tradition of grape farming in a world-class wine growing region with state-of-the-art winemaking. Try our latest vintage and you'll recognize the labor of love that we put forth with every batch. We cut no corners. We produce small-batches of extremely high-quality wine with precision, love and commitment to excellence.


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  Appellation Blend Chardonnay
The idea behind this wine was to make a wine that really boasts what the Santa Cruz Mountains has to its benefit: High Acidity. Ideal for a warm summer day, this wine is all about the citrus. It is also aged American oak for a more coarse finish, which balances its tighter profile.
  Bald Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay
Distinct in its mineral focused style, the Bald Mountain chardonnay is crisp with its higher acidity. Fruit forward this is a unique balance of green apple, lemon, and honeysuckle. It shoots out the fragrances of Roses and of Plumerias. Bald Mountain is the ideal wine for pairing with fresh fish from the Monterey Bay.
  Beauregard Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
The old Cabernet vines in our family vineyard, Beauregard Ranch, don't produce an extremely high volume of fruit anymore. Instead, they produce a relatively small yield of some of the most intense Cabernet you will ever taste, with deep layers of concentrated ripe blackberry, black cherry, vanilla bean & oak, and a touch of rich dark chocolate and black pepper on the finish. We like to leave our cab one the vines just a little longer than most commercial wineries-- and the extra ripeness of the fruit adds the perfect balance to the heady mineral terroir of the Santa Cruz Mountain-Grown fruit. We don't make any mediocre wines, and this wine embodies the essence of the kind of pedal-to-the-medal winemaking we're known for. Our '02 Cab hits its stride in 4-5 years (which is now), and will only improve in the cellar for 8-10.
  Beauregard Ranch Chardonnay
The original vineyard for the Beauregard family, this vineyard has been in production for the family for 60 years, and through prohibition before that. A ten barrel vintage, this wine went into 100% 5-time-used matured barrels. Native fermentation complements this wine on account that there is no influence on the wine’s flavors except for the naturally occurring flavors of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  Beauregard Ranch Zinfandel
Weighing in at 17.8% alcohol by volume, this huge zinfandel is as bold as they get, yet manages to stay unbelievably balanced all the same. Loaded with ripe cherry overtones and a mellow earthy undertone, this is a perfect cold weather zin to pair up with a thick-cut steak dinner. Despite its hefty alcohol content, this is definitely not a sweet late harvest zin or dessert wine. This wine is exceptionally fun to bring to a party: at every party there's got to be a bottle of wine that blows everyone's mind in one way, shape or form. This is that wine.
  Trout Gulch Chardonnay
From The Connoisseur's Guide to California Wine 89, Beauregard Trout Gulch Vineyard 2003. If its ripeness is fairly apparent, so is its very likeable, sweet-apple fruit, and this rounded, buttery, oak-seasoned wine comes up long on richness and immediate appeal. It is fairly fat in feel and shows some finishing heat as proof of its ripeness, but it will make good drinking in the very near term with rich, roasted chicken entrees.
  Trout Gulch Pinot Noir
This is a giant pinot noir effort. Give this wine an hour to breathe and you'll ease off its youthful vibrancy and get a load of cherry, red apple and vanilla. Under it all is subtle rustic tinge. It hits you with bracing acidity on the palate. Raspberry jelly beans come to mind, but there's much more. Drink it now, but definitely hold as well. It seems to suggest it'll be around for the long haul.
  Zayante Vineyard Syrah
A blockbuster syrah with an opulent, rich, mouthful of blackberries, the kind that grow wild all over Santa Cruz County, but with a shade of pepper on the finish. The nose recalls a sizzling backyard grill sweeping into the living room. A pleasing bit of humidor comes through as well. Give it time to open up and it'll surprise


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