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Oak Spring Winery

Oak Spring Winery The Schraff family has been producing renowned award winning signature wines at Oak Spring Winery since 1987.Only the finest Pennsylvania grapes and fruits are used in each of our 21 varieties. We invite you to partake of the pleasure that comes from our labors and spend some time with us. Take a tour, browse our spacious tasting room, or shop our Home Brew Shoppe. Hours: Daily 11- 6.


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2401 E Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, PA, US, 16601 Email:
Phone: 814-946-3799 Web:
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  Berry – Berry
Berry –Berry is a special blend of strawberry and raspberry fruit wine. This very popular wine is as sweet as a 'berry' and carries both the flavor and aroma of raspberry and strawberry. This wine is a great desert wine that can be served with decadent chocolate deserts as well other sweet delights. Berry-Berry is great with appetizers snacks and as a favorite sipping wine. This wine is a seasonal wine, available from the end of October until the supply lasts.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Full-bodied, light oak - "A True Classic."
A semi-dry wine with a subtle blush. Candlelite is perfect for romantic dinners and entertaining. This wine has a hint of sweetness and aromas of green apple and citric fruit. Goes well with lightly seasoned foods such as fish, chicken, veal or oysters and appetizers such as mild cheeses, dips and spreads.
  Cayuga White
A semi-sweet fruity wine made from the Cayuga Grape. This wine is made in the German Style to be crisp and fruity with aroma's of apricot, green apples, lemons and peach. Cayuga can accompany light cream based herb sauces, quiche, grilled chicken and fish, Chinese dishes, and most mild appetizers.
This full-bodied dry red is made in the Burgundian fashion. It has been aged in oak barrels for 2 years. The aromas are oak, cherry and black raspberry. This elegant wine can be served with full-bodied dinners such as steak, pork, lamb, venison and Italian dishes such as spaghetti and lasagna. It also goes well with fresh salmon and other seasoned fish dishes. Try Tambourine with chocolate! You will be pleasantly surprised how the wine enhances the chocolate.
This Semi-Dry wine is produced according to traditional methods the French use to make Champagne, Methode Champenoise, in which the wine is individually fermented in its bottle. Chill and serve as an appetizer or with a celebration. Silver Medal Winner PA Wine Association
Chardonnay is a very forward, dry white wine exhibiting ripe aromas of Pear and tropical fruit. The mouth feel is rich, smooth, and creamy due, in part, to aging in French oak barrels.
  Classic Cherry
Classic Cherry is a sweet wine made from the Montmorecy cherry. It is a delightful summer wine to serve with appetizers with light Sunday brunch or picnics. Classic Cherry goes well with foods that are cream based or slightly sweet in taste. Try it with your favorite desert or as a stand – alone beverage
Concord is a semi-sweet red wine made from the Native American blue Concord grape. This wine has a distinctive grape aroma and flavor reminiscent of the back yard grapes we know so well on the East Coast. Concord can be enjoyed as a stand-alone drink or with mild and moderately strong cheeses, most highly seasoned foods, as well as soups, salads and sandwiches.
Definition “Spicy Grape” Aromatic bouquet, medium body with noticeable fruitiness. Origins are in the German Rhine Valley and now Oak Spring Winery has brought it to Central Pa. The perfect wine for dinners, picnics, tailgate parties, etc.
  Harvest Red
This semi-sweet red wine is made from the Baco Noir grape. It is a full-bodied wine that has cherry and blackberry aromas. This wine is very versatile and can be served with most grilled and roasted meats, stews, Mexican dishes and other seasoned foods. It is especially great with strong cheeses and highly Spiced appetizers.
Spiced Concord - "A Little Bit of the Holidays"
  Horsehoe Curve
Fresh and fruity White Catawba
Niagara wine is made from the white Native American grape Niagara. It has the most intense grape flavor and aroma of all the wines we make. Niagara is great served cold with or without food. It stands up well to strong flavored dishes and strong cheeses. Try adding Niagara to some of your recipes such as sauerkraut and other dishes you would like to include a grape flavor.
Oak Spring's Peach wine has been awarded many medals including ”Best of Show” in Pennsylvania fruit wines. The wine is made from peaches that have been crushes and pressed to release their juice. We make the wine as sweet as the original juice. It is crisp and fruity as well as sweet. Serve this wine ice cold to bring out the peach aromas. Peach wine is a natural with light deserts and mild cheeses. Voted Best Fruit Wine PA Wine Association
  Pink Catawba
The Catawba grape is light red in color and if fermented on the skins for a few days will pick up a beautiful pink color. Catawba is a Native American grape in the same family as Concord and Niagara. The wine is light and crisp and has a spicy, floral aroma in addition to a delicate grape flavor. This is a very versatile wine that can be used before dinners with most appetizers and mild to moderate cheeses, it is very popular for picnics and informal lunches and dinners.
Oak Spring' semi-dry Reisling is a delightful wine with peach & apricot aromas characteristic of this variety. It is excellent pairing with a variety of cheese and hors d'oeuvres and is a great accompaniment to almost any poultry dish I also works well to mellow some of the most spicy dishes. 1999, 2000 Gold medal winner AWS & PWA
  Spiced Apple
The wonderful flavor and aroma of cinnamon are found in the wine. Try heating Spiced Apple on a cold day and serving it in a mug. It will remind you of Grandma's Kitchen while she baked her Famous Apple Pie.
Steuben wine has won many medals at the state, national and international level. It is made from a black grape named Steuben by crushing it and pressing off the juice after a few hours. This gives the wine a beautiful pink color with a beautiful spicy aroma and floral overtones. Steuben is a perfect match with Muenster cheese and can be served with smoked meats, Chinese food, turkey, ham and game meats. Many people traditionally serve Steuben with their Thanksgiving meal. American Wine Society Gold Medal Winner.
  Vidal Blanc Reserve
Oak Spring's vineyard has produced this lovely dry white wine. It has wonderful citrus and apple aromas and a long lasting fruit finish and balance, This wine can stand-alone or be served with lightly seasoned foods. It is a great accompaniment to Oysters, clams, shrimp and other shellfish.
  White Cin'
White Cin' is made from the Chambourcin grape. This blue-black grape is crushed and the juice is pressed off within hours allowing it to pick up some color from the skins. This wine is very popular for picnics, tailgating and wine and cheese parties. It good well with grilled meats, salads, cheeses such as Munster, Swiss and Edam, and wild game. “You'll Never Drink Zin Again”


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