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Minnestalgia Winery

Minnestalgia Winery We are proud to bring you our Minnestalgia™ Wines, crushed and fermented with the greatest of care to produce a wine of pristine clarity and quality. With the flavors of our heritage, you are invited to share memories of a simpler time, when all the best things in life were right at your doorstep.

Directions: McGregor is located where State Hwy 210 & State Hwy 65 meet in Central Minnesota. At the only stoplights in McGregor, go North on Hwy 65 for 1/4 mile. We are on the East side with a cedar wood building and a large Winery sign.

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41640 State Highway 65, McGregor, MN, US, 55760 Email:
Phone: 800-328-6731 Web:
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  Black Currant Honeywine
Red, semi-dry. A delightfully robust and fruity wine. Perfect for stonger flavored foods or wild game.
  Blackberry Honeywine
Semi-sweet, red. Perhaps the smoothest of our semi-sweet wines.
  Blueberry Honeywine
Semi-dry, red. A soft dry with no dry bite to detract from the mellow Blueberry flavor.
  Charred Honey Wine
Dry, white. A wonderful, smooth wine with classic oak tones.
  Chokecherry Honeywine
Semi-sweet, red. With a hint of the unique bite of Chokecherries to tantalize the taste buds.
  Elderberry Honeywine
Dry, red. This bold flavor will tantalize the taste buds.
  Highbush Cranberry Honeywine
Semi-sweet, blush. This is not the lowbush, or "Thanksgiving cranberry", but a native fruit which is tart and woodsy in character.
Semi-dry, white. A soft-dry. Simple in flavor and fresh as a white wine should be.
  Honeywine Blush
Semi-sweet, blush. With its fresh wild fruit flavor, this wine is perfect for fun times with good friends. Similiar in flavor to White Zinfadels.
  Lingonberry Honeywine
Dry, red. A soft-dry, with a wonderful cranberry-like flavor enhanced by a dramatic fruity tartness.
  Raspberry Honeywine
Semi-sweet, red. Exactly what you would expect a raspberry wine to taste like without being overly sweet.
  Wild Grape Honeywine
Semi-dry, rose' in finish. The wild grape's tangy character lends itself well to spicier foods and red meats.
  Wild Plum Honeywine
Semi-sweet, white. A softer, mellower and slightly sweeter version of the Wild Plum Wine.


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