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Duckworth Distillery

Duckworth Distillery What do you get when you take a passionate, world-class winemaker and turn him loose in a distillery? You get world-class, innovative spirits like no one has ever savored before. Duckworth Distillery is only waiting for the government to finish up with the permits to start making spirits. Trial blending runs have been made with spectacular results. ?The distillery was named after Lee's grandfather, H. E. Duckworth, a pioneer in the fruit juice business in Texas. Duck, as he was known, loved a good highball, and Lee has made the commitment to produce only the best spirits that his Papa would be proud of.? Born out of our commitment to the finest spirits, Duckworth Distillery will become the premiere location for the experimentation, refinement and production of fine spirits in North Texas. After traveling the world and sampling different spirits, we decided to make our way back home and bring the taste of finer spirits with us back to Texas. Our biggest challenge has been finding the right, high-quality ingredients for the spirits we wanted to create. We are delighted that we found everything we needed and more. We have also taken great care in assembling a team of only the best distillers, package designers and communicators.?


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3737 Atwell Street, Dallas, TX, US, 75209 Email:
Phone: 214-444-7666 Web:
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