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Bryce Vineyard

Bryce Vineyard We came to Oregon’s Willamette Valley to plant a vineyard and create a life for ourselves. A clear path to Oregon had been shown to us by a year spent in Burgundy, where we saw small domains run by families. Days are spent in the vineyard during most of the year, after all, that’s where the wines are truly made. The cellar is often under the house. Marketing happens when the winemaker steps out of the muddy vineyard to greet clients. Vine to bottle, the family does it all. We believe it is this complete experience that creates the most full and purposeful life and from that, the most honest, satisfying Pinot noir. So we planted a vineyard in 1999 in the Ribbon Ridge appellation (in Yamhill County). It is small, only 4 acres, just about what one family can do by themselves. And we spend the year pruning, tending and finally harvesting and vinifying. Celebrating is, of course, an integral part of our lives too. We make our wines at the Carlton Winemakers Studio. This state of the art facility is home to some of Oregon’s most respected vintners, and is the first winery in the country to be designed and built according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s L.E.E. D. Building System. We are proud to be part of the family of winemakers at the Studio, and have our wines available for tasting and purchase in the tasting room there. The wines of Bryce Vineyard exist only in scarce quantities and can be had for only a limited time.


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801 N. Scott Street, Carlton, OR, US, 97111 Email:
Phone: 503-391-9978 Web:
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  Bryce Vineyard Pinot Noir
The resultant 2003 Bryce Vineyard Pinot noir is clearly recognizable as a sibling of the 2002. It bears a deep-to-the-core fruit and richness along with the same earthy undertone that is a signature of the vineyard. We swear that it tastes just like its color, dark, dark red with purple-black mixed in. The '03 carries strong structural tannin but presents it with Pinot noir's unique refinement and elegance. The wine is yummy now, but in general the wines of this vintage have been slow to reveal themselves. The future is certainly very promising. Is "yummier" a word?


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