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Black Walnut Winery

Black Walnut Winery It all started one day in 2001 when Lance, Valerie, Jack and Karen decided to try their hand at winemaking. Their friends joined in and they processed 500 lbs of grapes for their 'unofficial' first crush under a canopy of Black Walnut trees at the home of Lance and Valerie. This very quickly became an annual event. Several years later, they began to talk about opening a winery.


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3000 Lincoln Highway, Sadsburyville, PA, US, 19369 Email:
Phone: 610-857-5566 Web:
Fax: 610-857-5590
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No matter where it is from, almost all red Bordeaux is blended wine made from at least two traditional Bordeaux grapes. This is our smooth and enticing blend of traditional Bordeaux grapes - Cabernet Sauvignon (71.4%), Merlot (9.6%), Cabernet Franc (14.3%), and Petite Verdot (6.7%). Our Amethyst wine exhibits a wonderful complexity of aromas and flavors, accentuating the best qualities of these grapes.
  Bank Barn Red
This wine has the largest concentration of Cabernet Franc (59.16%) of our blended red wines. This red blend presents the strongest strawberry and fruit flavors while being unbelievably smooth. With a small change in blending, you can appreciate the greater influence of the flavors and structures of our two Cabernet wines.
  Black Tie Optional
This whimsically named wine is our softer, yet equally complex Bordeaux blend. With a heavy percentage of Cabernet Franc (69.9%), this blend is rich in strawberry aromas. It incorporates Merlot (20%), Petite Verdot (6.7%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (3.3%) which lends to a soft, rich finish.
  Blanc Franc
In 2007, we found ourselves with an abundance of Cabernet Franc grapes. We decided that we would create a wine in a white style with these red grapes. These grapes were harvested two weeks before the other Cabernet Franc grapes, crushed and pressed within 24 hours to limit the contact between juice and red skins. The result is a white wine with soft fruity flavors and a soft sweet finish.
It is not surprising that this high-yielding, cold hardy grape has made its way from Europe to the cooler-climate areas of North America. It has been planted in America since the 1970s, where it is found mostly in the northeast. Our Chambourcin offers herbaceous and fruit aromas, combined with excellent structure, a result of the grapes thick skin, high tannins and good acidity.
A versatile white wine grape from which a broad spectrum of wines is produced. Chardonnay is one of the grapes used in making fine French champagne and white burgundy. In the United States, wine produced from this grape is referred to simply as "Chardonnay." Our version of Chardonnay is a dry, complex wine which can only be described as buttery , creamy, nutty and “oaky” .The fruit descriptors include lemon and melon.
Our Merlot grapes ripen early in the season, usually before the end of September. In 2007, they exhibited wonderful flavors and tannins. This is by far our ‘biggest’ wine with a complex structure. The Merlot is a medium to dark red in color, rich and fruity, with characteristics of black currant and cherry.
This is a blend of our 2006 Pinot Gris and our 2007 Chardonnay. These two wines could not be more different, but blended together they show wonderful fruit flavors and oak overtones within a full bodied wine.
  Pinot Gris ( Off-Dry)
This is a slightly softer and sweeter version of our dry Pinot Gris. This wine has the same medium-full body texture and fruit overtones with a hint of oak. This is all complimented by a small amount of residual sugar which softens the acidity of this crisp wine.
  Pinot Gris (Dry)
Pinot Gris, also known as Pinot Grigio in Italy, is a white wine that is closely related to Pinot Noir. The color of this grape can vary substantially, producing wines that range from white to slightly pink. Our dry Pinot Gris is a medium-full bodied white wine with a slight pink tone. The flavor of this wine is dominated by pear and melon with a hint of honey.
  Vidal Blanc
Vidal is a successful hybrid grape of vinifera Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano) and early French American hybrid Rayon d’Or. Vidal’s high, natural acidity makes it suitable for a wide range of styles, from light and crisp to Ice Wine. Our Vidal Blanc is full bodied, with fruity floral characteristics, grapefruit and pineapple notes and a significant amount of residual sugar.


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Kim says...
I had a group of 20 go to Black Walnut on Saturday. We called ahead of time and asked if they could accomodate us, seating wise and if we need to make any other arrangements for a large group. The women who took the call was rude, and didnt seem to want to give any information regarding wine tasting or any event that was going on that day. She did however make it very clear that under no circumstances would they reserve seating for us. When we arrived at the winery, our group went to purchase tickets for tasting. As each of us purchased a wine tasting ticket we were all met with unwelcoming comments that we needed to call in advance for wine tasting. This is not stated on their website. When we explained that we did call in advance the women became very argumentative regarding what took place during the phone conversation. After about 1/2 hour they did accomodate us. Our group purchased well over $1,000.00 worth of product that day! While it was clear that no outside alcohol was permitted, we had brought a picnic with us, coolers ect and some of the coolers contained wine that had brought for the ride up and home. We had a driver. AT one point, the same rude women opened our cooler and took our wine. The staff was extremely unproffesional and unfriendly, it was as if they really didnt want any business. Mind you there were only 6 other customers there when we arrived. If you have a large group you probably are not welcome there. Although our personal experience was horrible, the wine was good.