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Consilience Wines

Consilience Wines Consilience was founded in 1999 when after years of planning the aspirations of two couples became a small reality. There of course is a long story, but the short of it began when winemaker Brett Escalera, his wife Monica, and the two of us, Tom and Jodie Daughters all met back in 1990 with many common values and interests. Wine and the lifestyle surrounding it were of particular interest to us, and after years of planning, education and good old fashioned perseverance Consilience started with a small production of 1997 Syrah from Santa Barbara County. Our production has grown, but we remain a small producer of premium wines loosely focused around the typical Rhone varietals. It all starts with the grapes, and we have been fortunate to establish relationships with some of the best vineyards and growers around Santa Barbara County, from whom we purchase most of our fruit. This has been pivotal in our quest to reliably produce the big, intense wines that have defined our style. Consilience wines can be found in a few of the finer restaurants and wine retailers both in California and an increasing number of other states. With an eye towards producing carefully nurtured, bold, and exciting wines that the common man can actually afford, we do not have a multimillion dollar chateau for people to visit, or pay for. We do however have a humble tasting room in the quaint little town of Los Olivos, California. We invite you to come by and discover Consilience.


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  Cabernet Sauvignon, "Camp 4 Vineyard," Santa Barbara County
Despite our loose focus on the classic Rhone varietals, winemaker Brett has been driving around for many years with a license plate reading "Best Cab." You knew it was coming. Having no small part in the relatively recent planting of cabernet in the Camp 4 vineyard, he finally got his hands on some of its best quality grapes, and from them our first cabernet emerges. In Consilience style, this extracted and chewy textured wine features the classic complex flavor characteristics of cabernet married with the mouth-filling berry flavors found in our syrah. There is of course a relative paucity of local cabernet compared to some of our northern California neighbors, and it's exciting to experience this interpretation of what may be the most noble varietal.
  Cuvée Mambo, Santa Barbara County
The artistry of blending is something we believe in not only to acheive consistency and balance, but to enhance the expressive style of our wines. Cuvée Mambo is a celebration of that freedom of expression. It began as a clean palette, developed through the sampling and blending of some of our most select barrels of unfinished syrah, petite sirah, zinfandel, and grenache, and emerged as a hedonistic blend free from all the usual rules. Kind of fun, we admit. Enjoy with a small group of friends, a raging fire, and your favorite pooch curled up at your feet. It's ready to drink now, but has firm enough tannins that it will continue to improve with a little bottle age.
  Grenache Blanc, Santa Barbara County
Rounding out our trio of white wines, Grenache Blanc is one of the principal white wine grapes typically associated with the Rhone region of . Picked ripe enough to allow full flavor development, this wine underwent of combination of both stainless steel tank fermentation and French oak barrel fermentation to achieve an uncommon balance of rich aromatics and full, rounded mouth feel. There’s just enough crispness to keep it lively, and make it the perfect wine to kick off a gathering of friends, or pair well with a variety of seafood dishes. And what fun that it’s not Chardonnay.
  Petite Sirah, Santa Barbara County
Like that crew cab super duty turbodiesel 4x4 pickup truck confidently rolling into the parking lot, this vineyard designate Petite Sirah from Eric Caldwell's La Presa vineyard is big, bold, American, and proud of it. But just as you're struck by the majesty of it all, an equally confident but petite and refined woman steps down from the cab and catches your surprised and admiring look as you glance away. And so with this wine, the initially bold mind and mouth filling berry flavors give way to a firm but refined palate of smooth tannins and other complexities of taste and texture taking you somewhere into the unexpected. The depth of flavor and cling-to-the-glass consistency make this the heavy hitter of the day and a rewarding exercise for the senses of the unafraid. It's hard not to smile and you look back down into the glass and desperately hope she likes purple teeth.
  Pinot Noir, Ashley's Vineyard
With the rapid vanishing of the Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir from our tasting room, this vineyard designate Pinot from the now famous Ashley's vineyard has proudly taken the throne as our most elegant offering. The relatively new Santa Rita Hills appellation has enjoyed its share of great press recently, and the quality of fruit from this particular vineyard was inspirational. In keeping with the Consilience style of expressive wines, the cherry and strawberry aromas are almost ethereal, and lead into the classic silky texture and flavor ensemble so defining of great Pinot Noir. Some wines seem to go so well with a particular setting, and we recommend drinking this one with somebody you really like.
  Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County
The mystical peak experience that can happen with a good Pinot has certainly received its share of press lately, and we’re happy it coincides with what we believe is our most impressive Pinot Noir vintage to date. The grapes are largely from the White Hills and Bien Nacido Vineyards in the Santa Maria Valley, with a small contribution from Ashley’s Vineyard in the now famous Santa Rita Hills appellation. While maintaining an appealing silky texture, the ripe strawberry and black cherry flavor intensity is uncommonly dense and could turn almost anyone into a philosopher of Pinot Noir. There’s just no reason to drink, thin, lifeless Pinot anymore. If you end up opening this up in front of the fireplace, be sure it’s with someone you really like.
  Roussanne, Santa Barbara County
As the other white "Rhone" varietal in our lineup, the grapes for this wine come from the nearby Camp 4 vineyard. Unlike the partially tank fermented Viognier, this wine has undergone 100% French oak barrel fermentation and complete malolactic fermentation resulting in a wine that goes up a notch in body and complexity. It reveals viscous, ultra-ripe, mango, pineapple and pear flavors with a touch of honey. Roussanne is not often bottled by itself, but we think it deserves a chance to stand up and be noticed by those in the desperate search for white wines with character. Its a great accent to crab, lobster or that rare abalone cookout. While ready to drink now, this is a deep and textured enough white wine to continue to improve with a little bottle age.
  Syrah, "Great Oaks Vineyard", Santa Barbara County
"From a well managed vineyard just outside of Los Olivos, the fantastic Great Oaks grapes result in one of our most rich, complex, and age worthy wines. The fruit was again very ripe at harvest, and intense blueberry, ripe plum, and black cherry flavors are supported by a firm, confident tannin structure. American Oak barrel ageing imparts a subtle influence of vanilla and coconut which just adds to the complexity as this wine unfolds with a little time in the glass. This is definitely a heavy hitter and can go toe to toe with a blackened Filet, a good cigar, and the inevitable after-dinner political discussion solving the problems of the world. And while “brown bag tastings” aren’t really supposed to be a competition, it sure is fun to slip this in the lineup and just smile.
  Syrah, "Hampton Vineyard", Santa Barbara County
On a gently sloping south facing hillside, Syrah vines thrive in the iron rich soils of the Hampton Vineyard. Dale Hampton is one of the most widely respected vineyard managers in all of California, and this is his own personal vineyard. We believe he loves this vineyard. With 100% Syrah plantings, the vineyard uses a unique "T" trellis system that allows for less direct sun contact on the grapes and less dehydration. It allows the grapes to hang longer on the vine while ripening, developing more interesting and concentrated flavors with every passing fall day. The wine itself is made in the same extracted style as our other single vineyard Syrahs, and has spent nearly two full years in a combination of French and American oak barrels before bottling. We hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.
  Syrah, "Rodney Shull Vineyard", Santa Barbara County
In distinction to the Santa Barbara County Syrah, this wine is the first in a series of single vineyard Syrahs highlighting the characteristics of individual areas of the Santa Ynez Valley. With a brighter fruit flavor and more moderate tannin structure than some of the other single vineyard Syrahs, this is the elegant Syrah of the family. Much of the fruit comes from the desirable upper mesa area of the Rodney Shull vineyard. The sandy soil in that area of the vineyard is better drained, and somewhat less fertile than other areas, and the subsequent quality of the fruit shows through with a refined blend of dark cherry and blueberry flavors, hints of mocha, and lengthy, sweet, milk chocolaty tannins.
  Syrah, "Star Lane Vineyard", Santa Barbara County
It's back. We introduced the Star Lane Vineyard with the 2001 vintage, and like many others, have been experiencing Star Lane withdrawal since it sold out. The 2002 vintage was great all around, and the hard working vines on the roacky south facing slopes of the Star Lane vineyard have come through again. Growing in one of the warmest locations in the valley, the grapes reached a very mature sttae of flavor development and ripeness during the long, even growing season which was probably one of the best since the 1997 vintage. A combination of French and American oak barrels were used for 24 months of barrel ageing, and the wine was then laid down for another six months of bottle age before release. It's finally back, and so will that warm sense of contentment.
  Syrah, Santa Barbara County
While the single vineyard designate Syrahs tend to highlight the individual characteristics of a particular vineyard or microclimate, the Santa Barbara County Syrah is proud to be the good will ambassador representing all that is good about Syrah from this area. As a careful blend comprised of five great local vineyards, this is one of the most well rounded representations of the depth of juicy dark berry flavors and chocolatey tannins that can be achieved with the synergy of multiple vineyards. It’s the warm, comfortable friend you can come home to any night of the week. It always likes you.
  Viognier, Santa Barbara County
Viognier is quickly developing its own cult following among those who appreciate its clean, crisp, and sensual character. Aromatics of peach, grapefruit, melon, and maybe a little honeysuckle suggest something sweet, but the taste is dry and well balanced, making this is perfect partner for a warm summer afternoon. A bit of Roussanne adds depth to the wine, and a small percentage of Ashley's Vineyard chardonnay distinguishes the 2004 vintage from any other by adding a hint of minerality. Take this one to dinner- you're sure to get invited back.
  Zinfandel Port, "Gonsalves Vineyard", Contra Costa County
Just when you thought you were done, you notice the little red guy on your shoulder, small horns and a smile, a glass of Zin Port in one hand, and a couple little cocoa covered chocolate truffles in the other. You know you want it, and the part about the port neutralizing all the calories in the truffles really sounds logical. There is no point in resisting. Who knows what tomorrow holds.
  Zinfandel, "Rhodes Vineyard", Mendocino County
You know how some days early in a relationship you really enjoy the romantic cat and mouse of deep conversation, slowly building the mood as you gradually uncover layers of complexity and personality, teasing out the subtle nuances.....yep, that would be a good day for the Pinot Noir. This Zinfandel is for when you just want it all, up front and right away if possible. Reminiscent of the 1998 vintage, the big, briary cherry and strawberry aromatics passionately leap out of the glass to you as soon as you get close. The complexity is there in a lively upfront style jammed with both fruit and sweet spice flavors. We might be even getting a little hint of peppermint. The 2002 vintage of Zinfandel for us is one of the better of recent years with even more of the flavor intensity that has characterized this wine. Some concern has been raised that it might be addicting.


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