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Eveningside Vineyards

Eveningside Vineyards In the mid 1990's, I began my fascination with wine. It is a beverage from biblical times with the first vineyards established by the Romans and some would argue that the Gauls began wine making long before the Romans. There is no beverage that offers so many flavors and aromas in a single glass of fine wine. So much flavors with so few calories. No other beverage compares. My thirst for wine led me to the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario where a thriving wine industry exists. On one of our trips, we stopped at the overlook of the Niagara River and gazed at the U.S. side of the border. I began to wonder, at that time, why a wine industry, let alone a winery, does not exist in Niagara county. I began to investigate climate and soil conditions and determined that there was no reason why wine, vinifera wine–the fine wines of the world, could not be grown in Niagara county between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. I have always loved to garden and a vineyard is actually a large garden that needs to be kept in balance and harmony. Soon I began reading books, magazines, subscribing to industry newsletters and attending wine conferences. After a year of convincing my wife of the endless possibilities that exist in creating a winery, my search for an appropriate piece of land to plant a vineyard began.


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4794 Lower Mountain Road, Cambria, NY, US, 14094 Email:
Phone: 716-867-2415 Web:
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A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Supple red plum and black cherry fruit with hints of spice on the finish.
  Cabernet Franc
Black cherry overtures with a toasty aroma and a hint of pepper.
Slightly toasty aroma with fig and honey. Well suited with chicken, fish and light sauces.
  Crofton Blush
A stylistic wine with grape and peach notes, well suited with summer foods, pasta and pizza.
  Mountain Rosé
A semi-sweet wine with tropical fruit and berry notes.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Toasty and hazelnut aroma with vanilla and nutmeg notes.
Semi-dry wine, hints of apricot and citrus aroma.
Semi-dry wine with floral and apple notes.


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