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Little Swan Lake Winery

Little Swan Lake Winery Little Swan Lake Winery is a family owned and operated business located 11/2 miles north of the small town of Superior in Northwest Iowa. In May of 2003 our doors opened to the public. The tasting room, our remodeled 1920's barn, features 18 different wines all produced on site, a selection of cheeses, and buffalo meat from our own herd which roams nearby. Our vineyard consists of two acres of northern cold hardy grapes. The gift shop features clothing and wine related items. We are dedicated to producing the finest and most enjoyable wines and invite you to spend an hour or an afternoon with us.


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1350 320th Avenue, Estherville, IA, US, 51334 Email:
Phone: 712-858-4592 Web:
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A true blue, mildly flavored wine, that is sure to keep you from singing the blues. (11% alcohol)
  Buffalo Blush
The pride of the “herd,” this wine is a unique blend of two reds and a white which gives it a beautiful color and remarkable flavor. It is a medium wine that will please the palette of dry and sweet lovers alike. (12.8% alcohol)
A very aromatic wine that really “cooks” when served with chocolate! (11% alcohol)
  Marechal Foch
Named for Marshal Ferdinand Foch, the supreme allied commander during WWI, this French/American cross makes a dry, crisp, red wine that packs some zing and leaves a savory finish. (13.8% alcohol)
  Prairie Cherry
Tart and sweet at the same time, this wine is made from just the right blend of cherry juice and white wine. A real taste treat when chilled. Also makes an excellent marinade for the grill or hot spiced wine in winter. (9% alcohol)
  Semi Dry Riesling
A delicate semi dry white wine with fresh fruity scent and flavors. It's just the thing for sipping, serving with turkey, lighter meals, fruit and cheese and crackers. ( 12% alcohol)
  Semi Sweet Riesling
A sweeter, gentle white wine with flowery scent and smooth flavor.(12% alcohol)
  Seyval Blanc
A dry, crisp, white wine with pear and pineapple aromas. Nice long finish. (12.5% alcohol)
  Summer Peach
Savor the summer with this enjoyable light, white wine blended with peach juice (8% alcohol)
  White Swan
A pleasantly bright, white table wine with an exceptionally clean finish. (12.5% alcohol)


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