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Maine Distilleries

Maine Distilleries The idea for Cold River Vodka originated with brothers Lee and Donnie Thibodeau. Growing up in Presque Isle, the heart of Maine’s potato country, they listened to their father and uncles tell about their history of turning potatoes into vodka. However, the realities of tending to the potato crop and the rigors of the annual harvest left little time. Three years ago, the idea of commercially producing a distinctive Maine vodka resurfaced between Donnie and Lee as they were driving back to their childhood home in Presque Isle. After years of thinking of business ideas and talking about the future of Maine’s potato industry, the two decided to make the best potato based vodka from Maine potatoes.


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437 US Route One, Freeport, ME, US, 04032 Email:
Phone: 207-865-4828 Web:
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  Cold River Blueberry Vodka
Cold River Blueberry Vodka is a flavored vodka unlike anything on the market. The alcohol used to make the vodka is produced using the same process as Cold River Classic Vodka, but that is where the similarity ends. We use world-famous Wyman's Wild Maine Blueberries, smaller and more intensely flavored. We soak or steep them in alcohol for several days. After the steeping period, the blueberry alcohol is filtered off the blueberries. We add a miniscule amount of sugar and some water. We then take that solution and mix it into our vodka. There are two critical differences between our flavored vodka and the rest of the market. First, our Blueberry Vodka has only 1% sugar. The rest of the flavored vodkas on the market have anywhere from 12% to 15% sugar.
  Cold River Gin
Cold River Gin’s potatoes are grown from seed to spud at family-owned Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, Maine. Cold River Gin, born of the same potatoes, the same water, the same still, and the same hands as Cold River Vodka, offers to gin lovers the same unequaled quality and attention to detail that Cold River Vodka has to vodka aficionados around the world. Cold River Gin is entirely handcrafted at the Maine Distilleries’ facility in Freeport, Maine. Every bottle is hand-numbered, a sign of this craftsmanship. Cold River Gin is gluten-free and 100% all natural.
  Cold River Vodka
Cold River Vodka is a 100 percent Maine potato vodka, which turned an economical crop into a top-shelf-spirit - and added value to Maine's potatoes and reputation for high-quality goods in the process. A super-premium, martini-quality, gluten-free spirit, our Classic Vodka is distinctive among the world's most sophisticated spirits. Cold River Vodka is The Spirit of Maine… and it embodies that spirit perfectly. It’s authentic. It’s complex but not complicated. Each bottle of our vodka is numbered by hand to reflect its batch and ensure its exceptionality and excellence. Our vodka’s water is sourced from the Cold River Aquifer. Maine’s Cold River flows out of Evans Notch and meanders its way through the former potato fields of forested Fryeburg, and filters through miles of underground granite into the Cold River Aquifer, home of some of earth’s purest and most refreshing water. Our potatoes are grown from seed to spud at our own family-owned Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, Maine. At Maine Distilleries, from the potato farmer to the distiller, there is a passion for Maine and its roots (literally) that will be infused into every bottle of our clear, distinctive vodka.


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