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August Hill Winery

August Hill Winery August Hill Winery is owned by Sean Ginocchio and Mark and Teri Wenzel. Mark and Sean have been sharing adventures since their early grade school days. Then in 2000, when Mark became the guardian of his family’s prized farmland, he knew it was time for he and Sean to launch their next great adventure. Standing on the land once tilled by his grandfather, August (Augie) Engelhaupt, Mark’s passion for farming was re-ignited. He remembered as a child watching his grandfather Augie carefully tend the scenic piece of land overlooking the Illinois River valley. Day in and day out Augie toiled away, completely consumed by his passion for the land. Mark wanted to capture Augie’s insatiable passion and share it with others. Sean loved wine. Together, they created the vision for August Hill Winery, a company with a passion for creation. If you look closely at the August Hill logo, you'll see a bit of Augie, as the "A" comes from his personal signature! We invite you to enjoy our handcrafted wines and our love for all things created in the heart and expressed through the hand.


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106 Mill Street, Utica, IL, US, 61373 Email:
Phone: 815-667-5211 Web:
Fax: 815-667-5247
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  Augie's Blackberry
Fruit-forward port style wine made from blackberry juice. Named after the grandfather of August Hill winemaker, because Augie had a passion for farming and eating fruit such as blackberries.
A light, sweet, and fruity blush wine. This wine is made from American Grapes and has great fruit flavor. Catawba pairs well with light fish dishes, cheese and crackers, or friends who just want to sip and relax.
  Chambourcin Port
This fruit-forward port has black cherry and chocolates notes. Made from Illinois Chambourcin grapes, this fruity masterpiece is often referred to as “pure yum.”
August Hill Winery Chardonel is a rich wine fermented and aged sur lies for 7 months in American and French oak barrels especially selected by August Hill. Chardonel has a buttery flavor with hints of fruit and has a smooth finish. This wine could be considered a similar style to it's parent grape, Chardonnay.
A light, sweet, and fruity red wine with a strong Native American Grape flavor. The sweet fruity flavor pairs well with light meals, such as fruit and cheese, green salads, or a warm sunny day.
  Desert Rose
A semi-sweet rosé wine with pear aroma and bursting with fruit flavor. This wine is white Merlot, Merlot grapes crushed right away to give it its rose color.
A full-bodied dry red table wine that is an intriguing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cynthiana Norton grapes. The wine was aged and selected from specific French and American oak barrels
  Harvest Red
A fruit-forward, light, semi-dry red wine made from Marechal Foch grapes grown in Illinois.
  Harvest White
A semi-sweet white table wine made from a blend of French-American hybrid grapes grown in Illinois. This well-balanced wine is fruity. August Hill Winery will donate $0.50 to the Foods Resource Bank for every bottle sold.
  Late Harvest Chardonel
A sweet dessert wine that has honey aroma a fruit flavor. Grapes harvested in November at 30 brix.
  Natural Blueberry
A light to medium-bodied wine with excellent blueberry aroma and fruit flavor. This sweet wine pairs well with desserts and those who love all things blue.
  Natural Peach
A light-bodied sweet and refreshing wine with full peach aroma and flavor. (Caution: Known to create peachy keen attitudes.)
A sweet, fruity, and very aromatic white wine with a strong American Grape flavor. This fresh tasting wine pairs well with sweets, desserts, and nice people.
A smooth and timeless blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chambourcin grapes makes this a medium-bodied dry red table wine.
  Seyval Blanc
A light to medium-bodied dry table wine accented with floral aromas and citrus flavors. This wine could be considered a similar style to a Pinot Grigio.
A semi-dry white table wine with spicy aroma and a tropical fruit taste. Sharing characteristics of its parent, the Gewurztraminer grape, this French-American hybrid is grown in Illinois.
A light-bodied semi-sweet red table wine that is very approachable and fruity. Excellent selection for first-time red wine drinkers. This wine is a blend of Chambourcin, Norton, and St. Croix.
  Vidal Blanc
A semi-dry white wine with fresh citrus and herbal notes. Excellent when served chilled on a warm summer day.
A semi-sweet light bodied wine with floral and pineapple aromas. A French-American hybrid grape grown in Illinois. This wine could be considered a similar style to a Riesling.


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I do not like most wines but I really like Sweet Catawba August Hill Wine.