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Galleano Winery

Galleano Winery Galleano Winery is located in Mira Loma’s Wineville area, and is still much the same as it was in 1927 when the Galleano family purchased the land. The winery is located at the southern fringe of the Cucamonga Valley, made famous for winegrowing by Secondo Guasti, who like Domenico came from northern Italy’s Piedmonte region. The name means foot of the mountains and would be appropriate to Cucamonga, an alluvial plain that sweeps down from the eastern reaches of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Take the Etiwanda exit from either I-10 or Hwy. 60. Head south and turn west on Riverside Drive, then south on Wineville Rd. Continue south 1/2 mile to the winery.

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4231 Wineville Avenue, Mira Loma, CA, US, 91752 Email:
Phone: 951-685-5376 Web:
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  2000 Old Vines Zinfandel Port
A light red hue with touches of orange around the rim give up a nose of black cherries, raspberries and brown sugar. A well rounded mouth feel with medium body and delicate black fruit on the mid palate and finish. From one of the pioneering families of this endangered appellation in greater L.A., a true old-style California Port. Smells rich and inviting, with true Port character, and drinks full, lush and rich in the mouth. Hard to exaggerate how delicious and fine this sweet wine is. Enjoy with your best chocolate dessert, or on its own. - September 2003, WINE ENTHUSIAST
  2001 Dos Rancheros Zinfandel
Full bodied - spicy & peppery - aged in new American and French oak for 9 months; named for Don Galleano and Paul Hofer.
  2001 Leggio Ranch Zinfandel
Intense developing aromas of cherry, rose petals, earth and a hint of apricot on the nose; on the palate it offers a full coating mouthfeel being medium/heavy body.
  2001 Pioneer's Legendary Zinfandel
Full bodies spicy Zinfandel aged in New American Oak.
  Cucamonga Peak Red
A unique blend of several Rhone varietals complimented by a touch of old vine Zinfandel. Lots of dried fruit flavors, cherry and plum, complimented by toasty vanilla oak. Spicy attributes make up the aroma with hints of clove and black pepper. Light acidity and medium bodied with a lengthy finish.
  Cucamonga Peak White
A blend of Chassles and Monbadon grapes. Soft and smooth with crisp acidity on the finish.
  Sherry Crema Cask Three
A classic California Cream Sherry crafted in an Old World style. A blend of 4 separate lots of cream and dry Sherries, some barrel aged and others traditional redwood aged. All lots were first "California baked" and later moved to barrel or tank long term aging. Warm and toasty flavors of caramel and hazelnuts. Toasted marshmallow and a slightly coffee character on the nose. Tight acidity helps to balance the sweetness. Finishes with a lingering after taste of almond and vanilla cream.
  Three Friends Port
Our most award winning wine, period. A classic aged tawny style port. Amber caramel in color with warm brown sugar on the nose. Long, lingering finish with hints of walnuts.


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Ted Pilmer says...
Had occasion to try the three friends port wine at an old favorite restaurant and it was fantastic. I tried it because its a local winery in an area without a lot of wine production and I'm a fortified wine enthusiast though a long ways from an aficionado. It was advertised to me as "tawny" so I was a little surprised to see the deep ruby color. However the nose screams class. It's full of toffee and maple. It's robust and intense without being overly heavy and it easily stood up to the chocolate cake dessert. Being that it's from Cucamonga Valley (Mira Loma winery) what I was really looking for was how does this wine compare with the port wines I'm accustomed to because this is a burgeoning region and I can say with confidence that anyone that likes the standard bearer ruby ports will like this wine and its a winery I intend to follow.