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Medlock Ames

Medlock Ames Like many of life's great notions, the idea of Medlock Ames was born over a bottle of wine. On a night out in Manhattan, lifelong friends Christopher Medlock James and Ames Morison shared a bottle of Talbott Diamond T Chardonnay. After marveling at the miracle that transforms sunlight, air, water, and dirt into something sublime, both were consumed by a thirst that only a wine of their own design could sate. Within weeks they had moved to California to find the perfect setting. After looking at hundreds of vineyards, they happened upon Bell Mountain. Both men instantly knew they had found exactly what they were looking for. Bell Mountain provides the home for Medlock Ames, a vineyard and winery dedicated to environmental sustainability and the production of premier quality wine. At Medlock Ames, we draw from the finest traditional wine growing and making practices. At the same time, we employ the best in new technologies to create a superior product. The company's greenness is among its greatest assets, allowing for unflagging energy and a fresh perspective to the industry while maintaining a thorough commitment to the proven practices of making high- quality wine. We are driven by both our customers' satisfaction and the pure enjoyment of creating an ideal product. We strive to mirror the perfection of our surroundings by crafting equally ideal wines.


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13414 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg, CA, US, 95448 Email:
Phone: 707-431-8845 Web:
Fax: 707-422-8603
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  Medlock Ames Merlot
2001 offered us nearly ideal growing conditions: a warm spring and cool summer, followed by a dry September. This is what we hope for every year. The cool summer, in particular allow the flavors to develop slowly, without running up the sugar (and alcohol). This wine is a wonderful example of our Old World (rather than California) style, characterized by aromas of tobacco, cedar, chocolate, and leather. These rich aromas are complemented by fruity flavors of cassis and plum. The finish is long and smooth.


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