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Bartlett Estate Winery & Distillery

Bartlett Estate Winery & Distillery A detour off the fabled road to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor takes you to another world—one more reminiscent of Napa Valley than Maine. Our distinctive granite sculpture marks the turn-off to Bartlett Maine Estate Winery—home to the best, most sophisticated fruit wines in the country for more than twenty years. A labor of love we built from the ground up, our winery is the oldest and largest in Maine. We offer an expanding range of delicious prize-winning varieties pressed on-site from native fruits. Pay us a visit on your next trip Downeast. Taste samples of our latest red or white varieties or our new honey meads. Pick up a bottle for your next seaside picnic or bring a case of your favorites home to remind you of your summer vacation. We promise you a warm welcome—and some unforgettable wine.

The Bartlett Maine Estate Winery is situated just off of U.S. Route 1, twenty-three miles east of Ellsworth, in Gouldsboro, Maine. Maine State directional signs point the way to the winery.

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175 Chicken Mill Pond Road, Gouldsboro, ME, US, 04077 Email:
Phone: 207-546-2408 Web:
Fax: 207-546-2554
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  Apple Blush
Crisp Maine apples with a hint of wild blueberries to blush. A refreshing change from the traditional "White Zin." Goes well with a wide range of foods, fruits or cheeeses. Serve chilled.
  Blackberry Sweet
A mouthful of blackberries. This ripe delight is rich in color and dripping with fruit. Serve with your favorite dessert.
A hint of blueberry combined with a light touch of oak produce a dry yet fruity red wine. Allow to breathe before serving with lighter meat dishes, game birds, or turkey. Serve at room temperature.
  Blueberry Oak
Medium dry well-balanced blend of Maine apples and wild blueberries. A nice light and fruity red wine. Goes well with most foods from BBQ to seafoods. Serve lightly chilled.
  Blueberry Winemakers Reserve
New french oak barrel aging and perfect blueberries make this reserve award-winning. This full-bodied well balanced soft red wine is produced in exceptional fruit years only. Each bottle of this limited release is signed and dated by the winemaker. A wonderful match for venison and game dishes. Allow to breathe before serving at room temperature.
  Coastal Red
Medium dry well-balanced blend of Maine apples and wild blueberries. A nice light and fruity red wine. Goes well with most foods from BBQ to seafoods. Serve lightly chilled.
  Coastal White
This consistent award-winning marriage of ripe pears and crisp Maine apples yields a medium dry versatile white. Excellent with spicy oriental, poultry, pasta or pork dishes. Chill lightly.
A wild cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. Hinting of both fruits this wine is a very enjoyable dessert companion or a great glaze reduction sauce for duck. Serve lightly chilled.
Believed to be the oldest fermented beverage in history this light white captures the essence of floral honey a hint of sweetness and dry nut-like finish. Serve with poached slamon, trout, smoked trout and brie. Chill lightly. A great summer favorite with Maine Lobster.
  Meed Sweet
Light and sweet with a definite honey taste. Well suited to almond or hazelnut tarts, light desserts or as a glaze reduction sauce for Maine scallops. Chill lightly.
  Orchard White
Dry and lively on the palate this light white captures the crispness of Maine apples in the fall. Paired with pork, smoked seafood or cheddar cheeses you won't be disappointed. Chill lightly.
Full peach flavor with a crisp tang. Long lingering finish adds to the enjoyment. Serve with spicy Thai and curry food or with soft cheeses. Chill lightly
Wonderful pear flavor in this medium-bodied white wine with just enough sweetness to give your tastebuds a jingle. Nice with lighter spicy ethnic foods or your favorite cheeses. Chill lightly.
  Pear French Oak
A fruity well balanced light white with fresh pear finish. Excellent with seafood and pork dishes. Serve lightly chilled.
  Pear Winemakers Reserve
Made in the traditional style of a fine barrel-aged french chardonnay. This is a full-bodied complex wine with tasty oak notes to complement the richness of ripe pears for perfect balance. Produced in exceptional fruit years only, each bottle of this limited release is signed and dated by the winemaker. Delicious with scallops and lobster.
Intense fruit explodes in your mouth with all the flavor and sweetness of the fruit without the seeds. Great with rich chocolate desserts, for champagne spritzers, glaze reductions or on its own. Serve chilled.
  Wild Blueberry
Captures the fruit flavor of the Maine wild blueberry with a touch of sweetness. Accompanied with a plate of mixed fruit and cheese this is a great aperitif. Serve at room temperature.
  Wild Blueberry
A great dessert wine. Light and flavorful with that just-picked taste of Maine wild blueberries. Enjoy with fresh autumn pears, gorgonzola cheese and toasted walnuts. Serve lightly chilled.


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