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Covey Run Winery

Covey Run Winery Covey Run has established itself as a leading winery in Washington state, consistently producing outstanding varietal wines. After Covey Run introduced its first vintage in 1982, consumers and critics quickly recognized the fine quality of the wines, honoring them with popularity, acclaim and awards. Covey Run makes delicious, award-winning wines from grapes grown mostly in the Yakima and Columbia Valleys, east of the Cascade Mountains. It is here in the fertile soils of the Yakima Valley that a pioneering cooperative of growers first planted vineyards for Covey Run. Weather in this region is perfect for growing quality grapes. During the growing season, cool nights contrast with warm, sunlit days. Extra hours of sunlight develop intense varietal flavors and proper grape sugar in our classic European varietal grapes, while cool nights foster their structure. Winemaker Kerry Norton joined Covey Run Winery just before harvest in 1999, bringing with him over a decade of northwestern winemaking experience and expertise. His winemaking goal is to continue producing fine wines that demonstrate Washington state’s unique characteristics and to lead Covey Run to success on the national level. There’s no question that he’s well on the way to achieving both. Covey Run offers a distinctive series of fine wines to meet the growing needs of our consumers. Our core line wines are part of the Quail Label Series, which have our namesake quail on the label and offer exceptional wine at a reasonable price. The reserve line, the Barrel Select Series, takes its name from its fermenting process where the wine is allowed to develop in oak to provide depth of flavor and texture. Part of the reason Covey Run has become so popular is that it produces distinct wines from Washington state with bright fruit flavors. Covey Run, with its broad portfolio of high quality wines, offers the right wine for everyday enjoyment as well as that very special occasion. Isn’t it time to try the delicious wines of Covey Run?


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14030 NE 145th Street, Woodinville, WA, US, 98072 Email:
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  Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon
At bottling we blended in 14% Merlot to soften the aggressive Cabernet tannins and broaden the palate. The result is an aromatic, deeply colored red wine with a supple mouthfeel and flavors of cassis, plum, smoke and a hint of spice.
  Barrel Select Chardonnay
Our Barrel Select Chardonnay is a selection of not only the best vineyards but also of the best French and American barrels. Mouthfilling flavors of crisp apples and pears and lush melons meld with those of vanilla, hazelnuts and toast, leading to a long, lingering finish.
  Barrel Select Late Harvest Riesling
This wine is pale straw in color with a floral nose that hints of citrus blossoms, peaches and melons. Superbly balanced between sweetness and acidity.
  Barrel Select Merlot
At bottling we blended in 5% Cabernet Franc to soften the barrel character somewhat and to add that elusive hint of spice that Washington Cabernet Franc provides. The resulting blend is fruity with a medium ruby color and, like all our wines, is well suited to be served as a companion to good cuisine.
  Barrel Select Syrah
Our Syrah is round and soft in body with a dark ruby hue. The nose is reminiscent of grapes, plums and dark fruits with a hint of pepper, leather and oak. The tannins should continue to soften and age, making the wine very accessible.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Fruity and full-bodied, this Cabernet Sauvignon shows supple flavors of cassis, berries, herbs, smoke, leather, toast and a hint of spice that will continue to improve in the bottle for many years.
Our Winemaker’s Collection Chardonnay is rich and round, yet with good acidity to showcase the fruit. Oak is used to complement, rather than dominate, the mouth-filling flavors of the grape: lush apple, pear and melon, which mingle with vanilla, hazelnut and toast tones, leading to a rich, lingering finish.
  Late Harvest Riesling
In some seasons, our Riesling grapes are infected with Botrytis, the ‘Noble Rot’ that concentrates the juice in late-harvested berries and imparts to the wines made from them beguiling aromas of citrus blossoms, honeysuckle, green apples, nuts and spice, with deliciously nutty, honeyed flavors. Superbly balanced between sweetness and acidity, our Late Harvest Riesling is delicious to sip by itself or with fresh fruit and cheese, and also shines with spicy Asian cuisines.
At Covey Run, we handle Merlot delicately during picking and winemaking to preserve as many whole berries as possible. Whole berry fermentation produces a fruity wine with soft tannins, the style we hope to achieve with this trademark Washington State variety. Aged in American and French oak barrels for 12 months and another year in bottle before release, it’s well-structured, with delicious, toasty cherry flavors.
  Quail Series Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Quail Series Cabernet is aromatic and deeply colored, with a supple mouth-feel and attractively fruity, medium-bodied flavors of cherry, berry and spice. Enjoy it with beef, lamb, game and red-sauce pasta dishes.
  Quail Series Cabernet-Merlot
The Covey Run Cab-Merlot is actually a blend of three grape varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon (42%) is blended for structure (acid and tannin), Merlot (41%) is blended for roundness and richness, and Cabernet Franc (17%) is blended for fruitiness and spiciness
  Quail Series Chardonnay
This delicious wine is bursting with flavors of apples, pears, bananas and tropical fruit, with subtle hints of vanilla and toast. Made for food, it’s also excellent as an aperitif.
  Quail Series Chenin Blanc
This wonderfully fragrant, delicate wine offers bright aromas of apples, melons, peaches and honeysuckle, with silky smooth flavors. It’s an ideal picnic and casual meal wine.
  Quail Series Dry Riesling
Our Dry Riesling delivers complex apricot, pear and honeysuckle aromas, and vibrant, beautifully balanced, lemon and kiwi fruit flavors that culminate in a crisp, lingering finish.
  Quail Series Gewürztraminer
Made in a slightly sweet style, with a small percentage of Muscat Canelli blended in to enhance its natural fruitiness, this fragrant wine offers floral, lemon and lychee fruit aromas, with a fresh, clean palate that makes it delightful to quaff chilled on the patio on a sunny summer afternoon.
  Quail Series Lemberger
A variety of central European origin that’s somewhat rare in the U.S., Lemberger offers fragrant aromas of fresh cherries, red berries and plums with an earthy undertone adding complexity. With light, soft tannins and an easy-drinking character, it’s a great choice for both red and white wine drinkers.
  Quail Series Merlot
The dark red color, cherry fruit aromas, and warm, smoky/toasty flavors of this wine are characteristic of Washington State Merlot. Small percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are added to enhance complexity. The resulting blend displays a medium ruby color and attractively fruity flavors that make it a versatile companion to a wide range of cuisines.
  Quail Series Morio-Muskat
A cross of Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner, Morio-Muskat offers delicate fruit flavors and aromas suggesting peaches and honeysuckle. This unique wine is well-matched with fresh fruits and cheeses, or can be enjoyed by itself well-chilled on a sunny afternoon.
  Quail Series Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio, also known as Pinot Gris, is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape vinified as a white wine. We gently pick and press the grapes, then cool-ferment the juice in refrigerated stainless steel tanks to preserve its delicate flavors. Our inaugural, 2004 vintage of Pinot Grigio is crisp and clean with a lightly spicy, lemony aroma and pleasingly tangy citrus flavors, with a subtle nutty tone. A perfect aperitif, it’s also a fine accompaniment to lighter meals.
  Quail Series Riesling
Our Riesling exudes a pleasant aroma of nectarines and peaches. Its sweetness and acidity are well balanced and lead to a medium bodied finish.
  Quail Series Sauvignon Blanc
With zesty aromas and flavors of herbs, gooseberries, fresh lime, and green apple, this is an ideal wine to serve with shellfish and other seafood, pasta with cream sauces, chicken dishes, and spicy foods.
  Quail Series Syrah
Syrah is a rising star in Washington State. Our rendition is dark, soft and spicy, with a nose of dark berry fruits augmented by hints of smoky oak and chocolate. Its rich, plum and cherry flavors are smooth and mouth-filling, balanced by supple tannins and a long finish.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Our Reserve Chardonnay is produced from superior vineyards in the best Chardonnay growing areas of the Yakima Valley and Columbia River Gorge. Most of the grapes are whole-cluster-pressed to preserve their pure fruit character. The juice is then fermented in French oak barrels with weekly lees stirring. Additional sur lie aging in barrel imparts a creamy texture to the wine, which boasts seductive lemon cream and sweet vanilla aromas and rich, ripe fruit flavors balanced by crisp acidity.
  Reserve Merlot
The grapes for our Reserve Merlot are sourced from select vineyards in the Alderdale growing region (along the Columbia River border with Oregon) and the warmer reaches of the Yakima Valley. Grapes from the former sites contribute a dark red-purple color and tannic structure for aging, while the Yakima Valley grapes account for the wine’s rich, ripe, dark cherry and raspberry fruit flavors. Delicious upon release, our Reserve Merlot has the deep fruit and firm structure for graceful aging.
  Semillon Ice Wine
Our Semillon Ice Wine, a complete dessert unto itself, is made from grapes that freeze on the vine, concentrating their sugars and acidity. Rich and luscious, it offers intense aromas and flavors of pineapple, citrus and vanilla that are balanced by a bracing acidity and culminate in a long, luscious finish.
Syrah is an up-and-coming variety in Washington State, where it ripens fully and displays deep flavors of berries, black fruits, herbs and white pepper. Harvested after Merlot and before Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah is left to hang until the berries begin to shrivel slightly and the seeds become brown and crunchy, which concentrates the fruit flavors and contributes firm, but not astringent, tannins to the wine. Our Syrah is deeply colored and intensely aromatic, with well-structured flavors, round tannins and a lingering finish.


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