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Arcadian Winery

Arcadian Winery At Arcadian Winery, we strive to create wine that fully expresses the distinct characteristics of each vineyard and California's Central Coast region. To this end, whenever possible we gain control over the vineyard by leasing the land as opposed to simply purchasing the grapes at harvest. By controlling yields from these vineyards and keeping them very low (we farm our Pinot Noir to 2-2.5 tons to the acre), we increase grape quality. The resulting wine speaks more about where it came from than about the hands that made it. This "somewhereness" vs. "someoneness" concept appeals to us because we believe the best wine is made more in the vineyard than in the winery.


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1515- B East Chestnut Avenue, Lompoc, CA, US, 93436 Email:
Phone: 805-688-1876 Web:
Fax: 805-686-5501
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  Gold Coast Vineyard Pinot Noir
Sometimes the quality of the vintage reveals itself from the very beginning. The aromas coming out of the fermenter are quite evolved early on and you recognize the resulting wine will be fantastic.
  Pinot Noir DIERBERG
This is perhaps the biggest richest Pinot Noir we’ve produced thus far at Arcadian. Deep dark color and rich viscous dark red berry fruits rise up out of the glass. Tasting of dark Bing cherries and allspice the wine finishes with good acidity contributing to a very lengthy finish. A total of 291 six packs were produced.
  Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay
Sleepy Hollow has often been described as exhibiting citrus, white flowers and wet stones on the palate. With good underlying acidity and a persistent lengthy finish that should drink well over several years. I tend to agree with this assessment however I would add that this wine offers an increased richness that is not usually seen until it has had three years of bottle age. There is an added tropical fruit note and a creamier finish.


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