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Levendi Estates Winery

Levendi Estates Winery Napa Valley is the birthplace of the finest wines ever to come out of North America, and has proven over time to fully equal the best of wines produced in Europe. To be firmly rooted in these hillsides, to flourish and bear fruit under this sun, is a grand beginning for a wine with aspirations of grandeur. Like certain legendary regions in France, Italy and Germany, complex elements in the soil and air, the distinctive character of the climate, and the little-understood sources of natural viticultural vitality coalesce to produce wine grapes of enormous promise. The Gianulias family history of private winemaking dates back for centuries to the family origins in Greece. They have been a member of the Napa Valley vintner's community for more than 25 years, nurturing and producing fine varietals for family and friends. When they decided to share the harvest of their winery in Napa Valley with the world, James Gianulias joined forces with his son David and family friend Todd Rustman to establish Levendi Estates. A glorious vineyard may produce glorious grapes, but it is the winemaker's art that produces great wine. Master Levendi winemaker Alison Green Doran, protégé of the renowned Andre Tchelistcheff, the man credited with putting Napa Valley on the map as a world-class wine producing region, is now bringing the private reserve quality of Levendi wines to a highly appreciative and ever larger circle of wine connoisseurs.


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7830-40 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA, US, 94562 Email:
Phone: 877-538-3634 Web:
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  Cold Creek Chardonnay
Cool and relaxed, this distinctive varietal is known for its purity, consistency and seductive character. Creamy undertones with hints of citrus, pear, apple and a touch of vanilla lead to a smooth, refreshing finish.
  Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon
An elegant and lively mountain Cabernet Sauvignon made with fully ripened hand-selected grapes from a ridge on Mt. Veeder. A meticulous blend of ripe Rutherford black cherry fruit complements the rich texture, great finesse and resonant finish.
  Red Hen Chardonnay
Rich, opulent and complex, this Levendi Chardonnay holds aromas of pineapple, peach and apple combined with flavors of vanilla and butterscotch to create a soft finish.
  Sweetwater Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
This Levendi Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold wine with flavors of fresh currant and blueberry accompanied by smooth, ripe tannins, topped only by a luxurious finish of mint chocolate.
  Symphonia Cabernet Sauvignon
This limited production Levendi cabernet sauvignon cuvee entices with the sweet, toast nose reminiscent of cherry pie a la mode richly balanced with blueberry and vanilla flavors with dense chocolate fudge texture that crescendo in a nice finish.


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