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Deep Creek Cellars

Deep Creek Cellars Deep Creek Cellars is a pioneering winery, vineyard, and farm market in the mountains of extreme western Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake. Its wines, inspired by the country wines of Europe, are distinctive and polished expressions of the grape, with a focus on fresh fruit flavors and the subtle use of oak aging. Sustainable viniculture, using primarily organic and biodynamic methods, benefits our customers and the Earth. Hours: Wed to Sat 11-6 April 20 to Nov 20.

From the Baltimore area, take I-70 west from the Beltway to I-68 west near Hancock, Md., to the Friendsville exit (see above). The Baltimore Beltway is 2:45 from the winery. From the Washington, D.C. area, take I-270 west from the DC Beltway to I-70 west at Frederick, to I-68 west near Hancock, Md., to the Friendsville exit (see above). The DC Beltway is 2:40 from the winery.

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177 Frazee Ridge Road, Friendsville, MD, US, 21531 Email:
Phone: 301-746-4349 Web:
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  Artisan Red
70% Cabernet Franc, 20% Malbec, 10% Norton. Featuring Virginia and Maryland-grown fruit (except for the California Malbec), and subbing Norton for the Gamay of the original Loire Valley concept, comes the ultimate "bistro red" — pretty spices, with juicy dark fruits on the palate, and a lively, chunky texture. Unfiltered, no oak
  Blue Dolce
Sweet blueberry wine with a lovely rich, spicy bouquet. You can't believe how many locally grown blueberries it takes to make a little bottle of wine.
  Blue Dolce Port
Wildly popular, vividly blueberry dessert wine.
trained creamy pear, pineapple, and lime peel on the nose, with a burnished-smooth texture verging on the shockingly sensual, this is another Deep Creek Chard for the Francophile, rather than the Californiac. Easy on the oak. Blaring fruit cocktail flavors lacking. Wild yeast fermentation. Traditional Burgundian sur lie aging. Unfiltered. Pretty to look at, polite at the table, irresistibly tasteful. A blend of 65% Chardonnay with relatively old-vine Seyval, and - yes - a dash of apple.
Our first-ever release of a blended white wine made entirely from our own grapes (10 years in the making, mind you) seems to build its flavors before your eyes (er, in your mouth); at first sip, the wine is interesting but insignificant, but by Sip 2 or 3, its astonishing smoothness and perfect balance takes over. This Vignoles/Chardonnay/Vidal blend was vinified using native yeasts, then aged on the lees for seven months, and bottled unfiltered. Everyone who samples it in our tasting room, where it is served as the Maker intended only in Riedel crystal, is in love with how the flavors build so beautifully. Hence, the name.
  Glade Run Rosé
From estate-grown Cabernet Franc, this one has the perfect pitch for a dry pink: mild floral, white pepper, and persistent mineral notes on the nose, with a basically neutral flavor, for pairing with summer and autumnal foods. Its vivid magenta color looks so pretty on the table.
  Mountain Top Port
Cocoanut, canned cherries, cinnamon — really a dessert tray of smells. This is not tawny, but rather a ruby-style port, meant to be drunk up while it's still jumping with blackberry and candied fruit flavors. Seems like it could be a stunner in its old age, as well.
  Old-Vine Zinfandel
Still coalescing in barrel, but look for this cult favorite in mid-Summer.
  Studio 42 Blanco
65% Vidal, 25% Pinot Gris, 7% Seyval, 3% Cabernet Franc vinified as a white wine. This unfiltered, nervy dry white wine replaces White Linen Reserve. (Co-owner Nadine G. hated the name.) The sleek, minerally, apricot-cream flavors might have made this the most interesting white we have ever released, were it not for our estate-bottled Cumulus
  Ursa Major
65% Zinfandel, 35% Norton. Our super-premium reserve red is named for its bear-like black color and richness, and also as a tribute to the regal creatures that roam our wilds. To the Greeks and Romans, the bear was the figure of female compassion, a belief derived from observing the mother’s care of her tiny cubs. In the classical world, the bear appeared as a goddess wearing a bear mask, the very symbol of the Great Mother of all creation. Her strength and intelligence, her maternal instinct, her ability to stand human-like on two feet, her understanding of the passing seasons in the natural world, her amazing ability to hibernate, have all contributed to the bear mythos in cults and religions throughout human culture. Oh Yeah, the wine: Our fifth Ursa release is almost a reverse of the previous formula because, well, it made the best wine in 2008 — no other explanation. It's a towering column of briary old-vine California Zinfandel blackberry flavor with some elderberry zing from the Norton. Those who follow our wines know this is the only hold-over from the days before adequate supplies of local grapes existed in the Mid-Atlantic, but this blend of America's cult grapes, one East and one from the West, is so darn good we can't stop ourselves. Were we not such a tiny boutique winery fanatical about making unusual, delicious wines, the carbon footprint of transporting the Zin from California would be objectionable. But, only 100 cases were made.
  Watershed Red Reserve
92% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petit Verdot, 4% Norton. This is a broad-shouldered, aggressively flavored drink in Summer 2010, nicely suited to outdoor grilling sports. It was not an ideal growing season, 2008, and we elected to shorten the wine's barrel time, to preserve fruitiness. It's dense and full of flavor, pointy edges and all. Drink up while the fruit is sappy
  White Linen Reserve
40% Chardonnay, 35% Seyval, 20% Vidal, 5% Asian Pear. 12.2% alcohol. Chardonnay from our own vineyard and from California, plus Pennsylvania-grown Seyval, form a perfect creamy, aromatic base for this terrific dry reserve white that continues to impress. (One Baltimore retailer has called it the best evidence of “world-class wines being made at Deep Creek Cellars.”) This unique blend, topped with Asian Pear wine from our own property, was developed during four years of experimentation, and draws its elements from four states — East and West, yet the winemaker compares it most of all to Tocai Friulano-based whites from northern Italy. An intense mouthful, lip-smacking good, unfiltered of course, for your finest “white linen” dinners.
  Yellow Jacket White
Fruity, semi-dry, with luscious flavors of white peach and pears. Yellowjackets love anything sweet and any person who likes sweet things will swarm on this wine. Enjoyable as an apertif, or with light cuisine


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