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Anasazi Fields Winery

Anasazi Fields Winery ANASAZI FIELDS WINERY sits on the western edge of the old village of Placitas, New Mexico, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Orchards and vineyards surrounding the winery are watered by a spring-fed irrigation system that dates back over a thousand years to a time when the Anasazi people farmed the Placitas Valley. Nearby are petroglyphs which we have reproduced on our wine labels. At ANASAZI FIELDS WINERY we hand-craft dry table wines from fruits and berries other than grapes. Unlike most "fruit wines", our wines are NOT SWEET dessert wines. Their delicious dryness makes them the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Our wines, such as Plum wine, Apricot wine, Peach wine and Raspberry wine are crafted from local and other New Mexico fruits and berries. We also make a slightly off-dry Cranberry wine. All of our wines are aged on oak for one to four years.


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26 Camino de los Pueblitos, Placitas, NM, US, 87043 Email:
Phone: 505-867-3062 Web:
Fax: 505-867-8539
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Just released for the first time after 6 years on oak, this is a rich, dry apricot wine with sherry overtones. It has an intense floral nose and finish with a deep sun-dried apricot palate in between. A perfect complement to seafood and creamy Italian dishes.
This wine starts with a fruity nose that makes you think it is going to be sweet and then gives your palate a spin through a sequence of complex tastes that ends surprisingly dry. The 9000 pounds of berries for this wine came from the hydroponic hothouses near Watsonville, CA. They were in our primary fermentors four days later.
A delicious dry wine produced from select peaches grown in the Placitas area. It has an intense peach nose, crisp finish and enough acid to complement a range of foods from cheese to seafood. It's a great summer sipper served slightly chilled.
A big, rich and complex wine to serve with game, spicy dishes or dark chocolate. This dry wine is quite ready to drink, but should improve in the bottle for several years. It has an excellent balance of fruit and acid, with a lingering finish of toasted nuts and citrus. Not from the same planet as any known grape wine.
The perfect wine for your holiday events and popular year-round. The tartness of pure cranberry is balanced with about 3.5% residual sugar. A smooth, mellow finish comes from over two years of aging on lightly toasted American oak. For an exciting brunch drink, try mixing this wine 50/50 with your favorite champagne.
A grape wine - with a twist. Starting with a fine New Mexico Chardonnay, we added 5% of our 1997 Apricot wine to create an exciting white wine. The blend was aged on oak for ten months for a rich, crisp finish.
This is a blend of Placitas Plum wines from two different years. There are about 20 varieties of plums, both domestic and wild, in this versatile dry wine. Similar in taste to a light red, this wine is a perfect complement to a wide variety of foods.
Our first venture into grape wines - with a twist. Starting with a fine New Mexico Syrah, we added 11% of our Wild Cherry wine to create an exceptional big red wine. The blend was aged on oak for over a year for a rich, smooth finish.


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