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Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn We have something a little unusual here at Aspen Dale. Shay, our winemaker/owner is a "night farmer." A number of years ago Shay developed an inability to tolerate the sun for any period of time and does her best at 65 degrees or less. While sharing her story with our wine consultant - the one about her planting grapes herself under the glare of the lights of the farm pickup truck and tractor - he responded, "She's a night farmer." Indeed she is a night wine farmer. Upon learning of his comments, Gilda, her assistant, remarked that, "the 65 degree requirement came as no surprise because you just have to be maintained like a bottle of fine wine." When one speaks of wine, Shay has a rich heritage. Many of her antecedents were vintners. One of them, Thomas Parris, after coming to this country, died here in 1728. In his will, he is styled Thomas Parris, "vintner." A quick look at the Vintners Guild list reveals that there were many Parris and Howe men who were members of The Vintners Company of London. All wonderful fellows we're sure but look what happened today.

From Washington, D.C. take 66 W to the Paris Delaplane Exit (Exit 23) and follow 17N three quarters of a mile. Turn left on 55W. Stay to your right for 2+ miles. Watch for stacked stone walls with an avenue of cherry trees on the left. The Winery is the second entrance on the left and clearly marked with the Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn sign. Coming from 81N/S take the 66E exit and exit at Paris/Delaplane. Turn left at the bottom of the hill. Go under the bridge and turn left onto 55W. Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn is 2.0 miles down on the left. Pass the main entrance of the estate and enter the winery entrance on the left.

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3180 Aspen Dale Lane, Delaplane, VA, US, 20144 Email:
Phone: 540-364-1722 Web:
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