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Domaine Combret Estate Winery

Domaine Combret Estate Winery Estate's founder, Olivier Combret Everything started in 1992 after I graduated in wine science in France, following family tradition. Former decades had shown that, in most of the wine producing areas, more and more chemicals were needed to control grapes diseases and pests. Humid climatic conditions in these areas were no strangers to that situation. My idea to search and list other regions in the world with more suitable climatic conditions and capable of producing top quality wines requesting minimum control started from there. What type of climatic conditions ? Desertic, very dry, where annual precipitations turn around 10 inches and a relative humidity below 40%. Under such conditions, most of grape deseases are avoided. But, in order for grapes to survive in a desert, access to irrigation water is required, which narrowed down possibilities to essentially two regions in the world : Chile and the Columbia River basin shared between the interior of Washington State and the southern interior of British Columbia where the Sonoran desert ends, i.e. the South Okanagan. I finally selected the South Okanagan. This area enjoys very dry climatic conditions with annual precipitations of around 13 inches and relative humidity between 5% to 30% from April to October. The South Okanagan is Canada's only desert. I selected in this area an exceptional site with a southeastern exposure, gravelly soils from volcanic origin suitable to grow and produce Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Pinot Noir and Merlot wines.


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32057 #13 Road, Oliver, BC, CA, V0H 1T0 Email:
Phone: 250-498-6966 Web:
Fax: 250-498-8879
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