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Kramer Vineyards

Kramer Vineyards Our tasting room is friendly and accommodating. We have a deck outside very popular for picnics. People get "lost" out there. Great views of the valley below are accompanied by a quiet setting. With our commitment to wine education, we specialize in wine tours with the personal touch doing barrel tastings, vineyard tours, and especially during harvest inviting visitors to participate in the season by "punching down the pinot", listening to the yeast "talk," tasting freshly squeezed juice or wine, comparative tastings, and tours of rooms and equipment. Trudy is very knowledgeable and can handle groups of 45 or more (bus loads are a specialty since she can yell pretty well and get their attention.) Requests for topics in a classroom environment are gladly accepted or winemaker dinners--which are very entertaining! Twice a year we do vertical tastings of our pinot noirs: Father's Day Weekend and the first weekend of November (please check the date because it may be the second weekend.)

From Portland: If you are unfamiliar with the area: Take highway 26 (Sunset Highway) west from Portland to Banks. The road will split with 26 going to Seaside and Hiway 6 going to Tillamook. Take the left lane. Get off the highway at Banks and go south on highway 47 to Forest Grove and continue on south to Gaston. At the very south end of Gaston just beyond the new post office take Olson Road up 3 1/2 miles. Winery is on left-hand side of road. From Hillsboro or Beaverton: Take Hiway 8 to Forest Grove and turn left at the intersection of Hiway 8 and Hiway 47 (Grand Lodge McMenemins is on the corner.) Go south to Gaston and follow signs. From Salem: Take I-5 north to Aurora exit and go West ten miles until you get to a stop sign at Hiway 219. Go North into Newberg. Take the 240 exit from downtown (Chehalem Valley--Yamhill). About 6 miles out is a turnoff to Gaston. Turn right onto Ribbon Ridge Road and left after you cross the valley. Follow road for 5 miles until the road turns to the left (directed by arrows) and now you are on Flett Road. The road ends at Hiway 47 just two miles south of Gaston. Turn right. Follow signs as you get into town.

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26830 NW Olson Road, Gaston, OR, US, 97119 Email:
Phone: 800-619-4637 Web:
Fax: 503-662-4033
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  Celebrate Müller-Thurgau
A semi-sparkling Müller-Thurgau which is made by the "three day method." The aromatics of this delicious sparkler remind you of an Asti Spumante but not as sweet and no yeast is used to make the wine sparkle. It is on the sweet side, but balanced and liked by a wide range of tasters. A perfect sparkling for weddings or other family celebrations. Silver Medal Newport Festival
  Celebrate Pinot Gris
A new wine for us, this one is dryer than the wine above and has more citrus in the flavor that reminds you of a champagne. We expect this to be just as popular as the M?ller!
  Dijon Chardonnay
The cousin to the barrel select wine, the only difference is that the wine was aged in older barrels for a few months. It has the same soft mouth feel and is very popular!
  Dijon Chardonnay Barrel Select
Another delicious reserve chard, received a silver medal in the NW Wine Summit in April, 2004.
  Essence of Gris
10% residual sugar. Made the exact same way as the Müller, this one is spectacular with poached pears or peach desserts with whipped cream. Again, just delicious. 375 ml
  Essence of Müller
% residual sugar. After freezing the juice, we thawed it to a certain point and added it to existing wine which increases dramatically the fruit expression and aromatics. Selling like hotcakes, we will double the batch next season. Any fruit dessert or cheesecake would go well with this. The alcohol is low at 9% so there is no heat to mask the wine at all. Just delicious.
  Essence of Müller
10% residual sugar. After freezing the juice, we thawed it to a certain point and added it to existing wine which increases dramatically the fruit expression and aromatics. Any fruit dessert or cheesecake would go well with this. The alcohol is low at 10% so there is no heat to mask the wine at all. The wine looks like water, but take a whiff, it isn't! Just delicious.
  Merlot Yakima Valley
Our second release from a supplier in Yakima Valley, we anticipate clamoring for this one. The massive bottle speaks, "This is a GUY's wine." The forward fruit backs this up. It is still young yet, but is opening up nicely. Buy it before everyone else discovers this gem. Gold Medal 2005 Astoria
If you like liefraumilch or Blue Nun, this is the wine for you! Oregon is the perfect climate for the best Müller in the world. Our warm summers lack copious amounts of rainfall and our gorgeous warm, long falls bring out the best in this varietal. A beautiful muscatty nose is followed by an easy on the palate riesling-like character without the strong acid of a riesling. Turkey, picnics, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other family gatherings--especially weddings are excellent excuses to have this wine. Spicy foods, especially Thai, are particularly good with this. We recommend you buy more than one bottle. The bottle disappears once it is opened. Great price!
  Oregon Carmine--Big Red
A genetic cross between Merlot and Cabernet/Carignane, this variety has not been picked up by any other Oregon winery. We have it due to a friendship with a friend who owned the only vineyard that had it planted. He brought it in from California--UC Davis. It has gorgeous, rich color, and fruit of a merlot, the drying tannins of a cab. Fascinating! This verson has some merlot in it which has improved the fruit component and softened the tannins that want to explode. Very popular in our tasting room! A great spaghetti wine! Only 100 cases made.
  Pinot Gris Kimberley's Reserve
Ever so often we make a barrel-fermented pinot gris. This is named after our oldest daughter, Kimberley, who loves pinot gris. This is the first one that was whole cluster pressed. Only 115 cases were made. Chardonnay lovers prefer it over the regular pinot gris. The softness is very nice.
  Pinot Gris Oregon
Another great pinot gris, this one has more of a fruity tone to it. It has the silkiness of a whole cluster pressed wine as well.
  Pinot Noir Elegance
A single barrel bottling, this is the one barrel that we noticed something terrific was happening here to the wine inside. It stuck out from all the other barrels. Not done every year! Oregon Oak definitely makes this a winner. Only 25 cases made.
  Pinot Noir Estate
Lighter, yet well liked by many tasters, this is a great summertime pinot noir. It will go with just about anything. The fruit is long and lingering in the finish.
  Pinot Noir Estate
The nose on this is full of cherries and raspberries. The forward fruit on the palate and the smooth tannins mean this is so drinkable now--no cellaring necessary.
  Pinot Noir Heritage
A new bottling for us, we noticed how complex and interesting the wine from our very oldest block of pinot noir was. It was planted in 1984 and is all Pommard clone on its own roots. The spacing is 5 x 10 and we have since added another row of grapes in between every other row to increase the density and grape quality. Released for Thanksgiving Weekend, this wine in its first submission in competition garnered a "GOLD MEDAL" at the very prestigeous McMinnville Wine Classic, 2006. No other red got a gold, and the next pinot noir earning an award was down to bronze. This one must have stood out in the crowd!
  Pinot Noir Port
After 18 months in barrel, this was bottled and cellared a few more months. Talk about a great wine with CHOCOLATE!!! It has a maraschino cherry finish.
  Pinot Noir Rebecca's Reserve
The follow up to our Gold Medal. This one got a Bronze at the Oregon State Fair in Fall, 2004. The clones are 1/2 Dijon 115 grafted and 1/2 Pommard grafted. These are our favorite clones in the vineyard. Only 100 cases made.
  PInot Noir Rebecca's Reserve
A great vintage for Oregon pinot noir, this continues a tradition of bright fruit in the nose and palate. Just delicious.
  Pinot Noir Reserve
More elegant in style than the others, this received a good score from Oregon Wine Review when the vintage was reviewed. Cole Danehower liked this better than the Rebecca's.
  Pinot Noir Reserve
An early SILVER MEDAL alerted us to the complexity of this wine, and its nuances. Aged in newer barrels, the effect has produced some ever-changing flavors and the nose is smoky.
  Quad Rosé
Made from two red and two white wines, this combo has been very popular for the "White Zin" fans. It received an "Excellent" rating from Wine Press NW, and a Bronze Medal at Wine in the Park, 2004.
  Syrah Yakima Valley
This has the gorgeous color of a big red wine with fruit that is just lush, lush. Washington is a great place to grow the later ripening reds and we are blessed to make some for you at a reasonable price.


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