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RiverStar Vineyards and Cellars

RiverStar Vineyards and Cellars The Dutton family started growing grapes in San Miguel in 1986 when we purchased a 26 acre Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard that was in need of a little “TLC”. With the help of some great neighbors, the next year, we harvested our first crop of Cabernet grapes. In 1993 RiverStar Vineyards was planted with three varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, all planted on its own root in the loamy sand and gravel soils along the southern facing slopes of the Estrella River. These are ideal conditions for producing grapes with deep, rich color and robust ripeness. In 1997 we purchased a 15-year-old vineyard, currently Dutton Vineyards, that produces some of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon in the area. RiverStar and Dutton Vineyards consist of approximately 200 acres and are family owned and operated. We are dedicated and committed to providing top wineries throughout California that purchase our grapes with superlative fruit. Beginning in the late 1990’s, it was decided to transform our facility and begin producing wines in addition to growing our top-quality vineyards. The 2001 Syrah is our debut red. Additional production of Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals completes the portfolio of initial offerings for the RiverStar family of wines. RiverStar Vineyards and Cellars realize that it takes great fruit to make great wine. Our family has fallen in love with the lifestyle of farming grapes, producing wines and being involved with the community of Paso Robles and is proud to make this our home. We invite you to become a part of it by visiting Paso Robles and the surrounding Central Coast communities or by simply sharing a bottle of our fine wine!


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  Cabernet Sauvignon
Although young, our 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon is seductive and a little precocious…one minute, cherries and smoke and the next, currant, cocoa and cedar. The saturated deep purple-black hue is met with a nose of blackberry, black cherry, cigar box and spicy oak with secondary nuances of vanilla, clove and coffee…all hints of the power within! The charm of this wine allows enormous complexity. The exceptional depth and structure is followed by a long licorice and fruit finish with soft, chewy tannins. Our Cabernet is very appealing to drink now and the mouthfeel and tannins promise beautiful evolution. Its sophistication should only get more complex with time. The smooth textures make our Cab a perfect match with pan roasted North American Halibut or Bacon Wrapped Scallops. When I think of pairing our Cab I think of grilled Veal Chops with Rosemary or a thick juicy Steak smothered with onions and Blue Cheese. I would also pair with Lamb, Pork Loin and seasonal game dishes especially when prepared with herbs.
This vintage produced thick-skinned grapes that give concentrated flavors, inky color and extracted tannins which distinguish the vineyard. There is a flamboyant nose of blackberries, black cherries, cocoa and spices. The lush full-bodied flavors of the fruit are enhanced by months of careful oak barrel aging which allow for sweet vanilla and spicy oak nuances. You’ll find this wine voluptuously textured, juicy, with well-integrated tannins and is a joy to drink! The mouth feel is relatively soft but fleshy and round on the palate. You can enjoy this wine with your favorite meats, hearty pastas or herb rich dishes. It is a celebration worthy to be poured at any occasion…perfect for Party or Picnic! The full-bodied flavors will stand up to all grilled meats, kabobs, herb crusted roast turkey and stuffed veal chops. Don’t limit yourself, try our Merlot with Grilled Salmon with Soy or your favorite vegetarian fare…Yummy with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms!
  Sauvignon Blanc
The extraordinary character of this wine is produced from carefully selected estate fruit. The knockout bouquet offers intense aromas of melons, herbs and rich fruit. This vibrant wine has distinctive Passion Fruit and Citrus flavors. In the mouth the wine exhibits a rich multi-dimensional texture with tremendous intensity and crisp acidity. There is a beautiful balance of zesty acidity and clean, fresh, fruity flavors which echo nicely on the lively finish. We invite you to enjoy this wine as a wonderful accompaniment to Grilled Swordfish or Herb Roasted Chicken. The crisp, delicate taste enhances the fresh flavors of the dish. You also have to try our Sauvignon Blanc with shell fish, oysters or fresh water fish with cream based sauces…Just try it!!! You’ll find it more penetrating and refreshing than most Chardonnay’s! This wines herbal notes, crispness and grace also pair well with meaty stews with spring veggies and herbs or long cooked beef, lamb, veal or pork.
We did not filter this wine in fear that this would rob it of its soul and character and in not doing so the grapes gave up the ghost! What resulted is super depth of fruit, excellent ripeness and a rich aromatic dimension to accompany the classic flavor profiles with deep, dark, gorgeous color! There are smoky, toasty, plum and cherry aromas with peppery, leathery spicy flavors with chewy tannins. The ripe fruit is nicely layered on the palate…smooth and easy. The full blown, highly expressive winemaking style allows for the intensity, structure, depth and ageability of the wine. Aussie’s prefer Grilled Kangaroo with their Shiraz, as they call Syrah, Down Under but we would recommend a thick grilled peppery Steak. The wines structure and rich, saturated berried fruit makes for a powerful juxtaposition to the richness and char of the Steak. The primal, earthy flavors of our Syrah also beg for Grilled Lamb, Duck or Venison with New Potatoes. How about a rare cut of juicy Prime Rib with lots of crusty bread? Bon Appetite!


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