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Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery

Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery The Halverson Family planted their first 200 vines in 2006. Overlooking the banks of the beautiful Red Lake River, our cold hardy grape vines produce a unique flavor specific to our region. Today, the vineyard has over 1600 vines including the varieties Marquette, La Crescent, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, and Brianna. We hope you'll enjoy our wines and appreciate the time and effort that goes into each bottle.


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18696 430th Avenue SW, East Grand Forks, MN, US, 56721 Email:
Phone: 218-499-9463 Web:
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Another 100% Minnesota product, these apples are harvested and crushed at Sunnyside Orchard near Pennock, MN and then fermented and bottled at Fieldstone Vineyards. Finished semi-sweet and served chilled this is a great summer sipper.
  Frontenac Reding Reserve
This is a Fieldstone Vineyards exclusive in that only Frontenac grapes from Fieldstone Vineyards are used in making this oak aged dry red wine.
  Frontenac Rosé
Frontenac Rosé is derived from the Frontenac grape and fermented without any skin contant time. Finished off as a semi-sweet red wine this is a huge hit at the winery!
  Hilltop Harvest Strawberry
Direct from Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Patch in Redwood County, Minnesota, this is 100% strawberry and a truly unique wine that has a great ability to pair with ice cream, cheese cake or anything chocolate!
A Minnesota grown white grape finished off in a off-dry style. This is a grape variety from the late Elmer Swenson.
  Martell Frontenac
This vineyard specific harvest of the Frontenac grape, which makes a dry red wine, comes to Fieldstone Vineyards via Somerset, WI and Martell Vineyards named after Tom and Deb Martell. A previous vintage of this grape is a gold medal winner in international wine competition.
  Minnesota Glacial Rock Red
A multiple vineyard harvest of the Frontenac grape, this is a fruit forward dry red wine with the typical Frontenac cherry coming through!
  New Moon White
Fieldstone VIneyards best selling white wine, this semi-sweet is made from the St. Pepin grape.
  Prairie Stone
This is the only blended wine at Fieldstone Vineyards and combines some of our Frontenac grapes done is a semi-sweet style red with Redwood County Minnesota strawberries for a unique enticing wine!
  Seyval Blanc
This off-dry white wine is bottled under the Century Farm Wine label. Made from the Seyval Blanc grape.
  St. Croix
This lighter bodied dry red is made from the varietal St. Croix grape grown in Minnesota and developed by the late Elmer Swenson.
  St. Croix Rosé
A new wine for Fieldstone Vineyards in 2005. This is a rosé style wine made from the St. Croix grape.
  Sunnyside Dry
Same great apples but with a dry finish for those of you who don’t prefer something so sweet…!
Vinted and bottled under the Century Farms label, this light refreshing semi-sweet white wine made from the Vignoles grape has been well received at the winery!


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