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Merry Edwards Wines

Merry Edwards Wines Merry Edwards approaches life with graceful intensity. Whether sampling grapes in the vineyard, hand pruning her cherished roses, preparing dinner for her family, running the rapids on the Colorado River — in everything she does, Merry balances intellect with intuition. Each wine she makes benefits from her precision and perception of subtlety and elegance. During her 31-year winemaking career, Merry has earned the universal respect of winemaking peers, grape growers and academicians. A self-described perfectionist, she has constantly refined her wines and techniques. Merry does not rest on her laurels. She grows. Food was Merry’s gateway to wine. She recalls, “When I was a teenager my mother had cookbooks produced by the California Wine Advisory Board. Wine was an ingredient in every recipe. So I started cooking with wine.”


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  Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir
Klopp’s Pinot Noir grapes have unmatched character: deep color, rich aromas, solid structure and bountiful tannins. Using my Méthode à l’Ancienne approach and aging the wine in 75% new French oak barrels, I secure these natural traits and develop the wine’s enormous potential to age well over many years. Klopp Ranch may be the longest lived of our Pinot Noirs. Complex, dense and richly textured, this opulent offering has the most generous tannins of any wine I produce. It deserves a substantial food companion, perhaps venison or buffalo. Serve it with a cheese course featuring a heady triple cream alongside dried figs. As it softens with age, this Pinot Noir - served in big, bowled glasses - will complement a grilled grass-fed beefsteak or a deluxe hamburger laced with black truffles
  Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir
The 2003 Klopp is mouthwatering and luscious, its brambling blackberry flavor elegantly accented by cassis. Traditionally the plush, fine-grained tannins develop a velvety sweetness with extended bottle age. Pair this big wine with robust dishes: smoked squab, Moroccan-spiced leg of lamb, or a medallion of fine Kobe beef.
  Merry Edwards 30 Pinot Noir
Three distinguished vineyards provided grapes for this special wine. Olivet Lane and Quail Hill Ranch are blended with the last vintage harvested from Windsor Gardens. These venerable old vines have all seen more than thirty vintages, and harmonize in celebration of my first three decades of winemaking. I made just 333 cases of this luscious wine.
  Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
This juicy, exuberant Pinot Noir has an intriguing touch of cola that suggests pairing it with spit-roasted, pastured chicken, grilled pork with wild mushrooms or a sandwich of barbecued flank steak. These foods highlight and accent the wine’s generous fruit profile. Smooth and succulent, the 2002 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir finishes with a degree of soft tannins, indicating the wine is poised for a long life of increasing complexity. Enjoy its youthful charms, and in the coming years, be thankful you have aged a few bottles in your cellar.
  Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc
To me, Sauvignon Blanc is the Pinot Noir of the white wine world – a versatile wine that enhances and balances a broad range of food flavors and textures. My white wine of choice, it complements everything from triple-cream cheeses to oysters in green curry sauce. There are few Sauvignon Blanc vineyards in the Russian River Valley; I am fortunate to work with the finest growers and oldest plantings. This wine was barrel fermented using 20% elegant French oak from Tonnellerie Cadus to elevate the wine’s richness. During barrel aging, I stirred the lies twice weekly, a traditional French winemaking technique they call bâtonnage. This practice further increases the wine’s density. Aromas of fresh lychee, lemongrass and nutmeg expand to mouthwatering proportions on the palate. There is an element of peach and nectarine, and a suggestion of almond. The wine sweeps the senses and finishes on a long, uplifting note of honeysuckle nectar and bright Meyer lemon. This Sauvignon Blanc will find friends around the world: Vietnamese beef salad, Prince Edward Island mussels, Cuban pulled pork, my husband Ken’s paella, Irish smoked salmon and California sushi rolls.
  Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
In our region the 2003 growing season produced an unusually low crop. This natural occurrence promotes intense aromas and flavors in the fruit. Because each vine has a limited storehouse of color, flavor and texture, the light crop allowed deep concentration of character in fewer grapes. The small berries hung in loose, open clusters, penetrated by sunlight to produce dark color and full flavors. A classic example of the effect of vintage on wine, the low crop load revealed to me certain qualities of the cool Sonoma Coast terroir. The 2003 grapes emphasized deep, red fruit aromas and flavors, with Royal Ann cherry and blackberry in the foreground, complemented by a finely-edged quality of minerality. Ripe fruit, captured and protected by gentle winemaking, forms the core of this wine. Aging ten months in French oak barrels added delightful aromas of vanilla, spice and smoke to a foundation of deep, crushed berry. I find the flavors intense and focused, evoking the pleasures of fresh fruit coulis. Weight, density and balance give the wine a sleek, firm structure. Its layered flavors and ample, smooth tannins make the wine a candidate for cellaring, or for enjoying now with rich dishes such as roasted duck with rhubarb-berry compote.
  Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Because multiple clones build complexity in wine, I planted five selections of Pinot Noir in my vineyard. The French clones enhance the structure of the wine, while the old, classic California selections round out the mid-palate. Drawing on the qualities of all five, I crafted a fruit-forward wine with a lively, accessible character. Gentle vinification and judicious use of French oak barrels produced this luscious Pinot Noir. Aromas of rosewater, lavender and anise introduce this mouth-watering wine. Toasty oak takes its place in the background, integrating smoothly with the flavors of blueberry. Supple in the mouth, this Pinot Noir has a long finish, extending the enjoyment of its complex, fruity character. Quail breast glazed with lavender honey would be an excellent match for the wine’s full spectrum of flavors.


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