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Salt Spring Island Vineyards

Salt Spring Island Vineyards The year 2004 brought hot weather in April, June and August. Our upper irrigation pond, fed by Mount Maxwell runoff, was dry August 1st. We had to pump water over from the lower pond several times before the rainiest September on record gave us more than enough water! Fortunately, our grapes didn't suffer from bunch rot, and ripened early, thanks to the early start in April. It was a bit weird to be harvesting with the grass underfoot so green. The Chardonnay, which is normally the last to ripen, must have loved the early heat, because the sugar levels measured over 24 Brix early in October. With good acids, the flavours are spectacular, and the wine fermenting in the tank is amazing. August 2003 we picked blackberries from our property and the surrounding area, turning the juice into port. The port (or should we be saying "starboard", since "port" is a protected name??) was well liked, and sold out quickly. ( I always described it in the wine store as 'alcoholic blackberry pie'). There are quite a few blackberry lovers waiting for this year's release but if you'd like some port, please email us so we can notify you when that will be. We are going into our third year of committing to practice organic methods in the vineyard. That's the good news, the bad news is that we perennially have weeds. However, we believe that grapes free from herbicides produces healthier and tastier wines for you. Since we hand weed, we also contribute to the local economy by employing weeders. Organic, sustainable, interdependent. In 2004, we tried a new method of vine containment in the vineyard. It is a double wire catchment system, that allows us to more easily keep the vines separated, resulting in better air circulation in the vineyard. This is important, because good air circulation reduces the probability of powdery mildew. Our thanks to Roger Dosman at Alderlea Vineyards for all his suggestions on making our life simpler. In the winery, the grapes are happily fermenting away, At this time of year, we are a bit crammed for space, until some of the wine moves into bottles and barrels. We purchased several French Oak barrels recently, and the vanilla aroma when you unbung the barrel is seductive. (Apparently vanilla or pumpkin spice are the aromas of love.)


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Grown on Salt Spring. This was the surprise of the vintage for us. Chardonnay normally ripens last, if at all, for varietal usage. This year, it was the first to ripen, with brix of over 24. 150 cases. Available Labour Day.
  Millotage VQA
( Salt Spring grown, Leon Millot , Marechal Foch,) a medium bodied easy drinking red, holds up to own with garlic or tomato based foods. Try it with a Moonstruck Blue Cheese. (In 2001, we picked grapes in Switzerland during the day; in the evening drank Leon Millot, while feasting on yummy cheese and ripe, sliced tomatoes ).
  Pinot Blanc
(from 2 vineyards- Salt Spring and Victoria) Barrel fermented in oak. Tropical fruit flavours of coconut ,fresh pineapple, with subtle honey undertones. A wonderful sipping wine.
  Pinot Gris
Grown on Salt Spring. Lively, crisp, lemon lime flavours, with tropical fruit undertones. Single fermentaion. Great with our local seafoods
  Pinot Noir VQA
(grown on the Saanich peninsula) Lush raspberry colour, expressive cherry nose is lingering, fresh earth, savoury herb and raspberry aromas. Lengthy complex finish. Everyday food friendly wine for any palate.


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