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Mackinaw Trail Winery

Mackinaw Trail Winery Nestled in the heart of the Upper Peninsula, our wine tasting room in Manistique offers a unique marina setting, with a wide variety of premium table wines, and fruit wines. Our grapes are harvested from the Michigan Lake Shore region, and transported to our winery. Owner and winemaker, Raffael Stabile draws upon old world techniques gained from his Italian immigrant heritage, and utilizes state of the art expertise in fashioning exquisite fruit forward wines. Mackinaw Trail produces a crisp and refreshing un-oaked Chardonnay, a brilliant fruity Cabernet Franc, and their flagship blend – Big Red, a soft semi-dry red blend. As well as other superb whites and reds. Web:

The wine tasting room is located directly on the harbor on US2.

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Address Web Social
103 West Lakeshore Drive, Manistique, MI, US, 49854 Email:
Phone: 906-341-2303 Web:
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Fresh pressed apples gives the perfect tartness, and makes a wine bursting with apple aromas.
  Big Red
Fruity, Semi-Dry and full-bodied, Big Red is a wonderful wine to enjoy around your next camp-fire.
  Black Berrie
Dark ruby red color, intense flavors, and a sweet full body, makes this a Blackberry dessert wine you're sure to remember.
  Blueberry Demi-Sec
Soft and sweet, and incredibly Blueberry.
  Cabernet Franc
Once lumped in as just “Cabernet”, this Old-World variety grape is beginning a life of its own. Oak undertones, mild tannins, and rich aromas of cherries, and plums makes for a Dry wine to share on those special occasions.
  Chancellor Noir
Earthy and Dry, this intense red wine boasts hints of oak-kissed berries. Great with grilled venison, roasted pork, or Asiago cheese.
Chardonnay is one of the more familiar wines on our list. Our un-oaked version of this classic variety has a wonderful fruity nose of pineapples and bananas, along with a smooth buttery feel.
Light, crisp, and clean, with bright tart cherry flavors.
  Harbor Light White
A tart fruity wine, with the perfect touch of sweetness. A great anytime wine that’s sure to please all.
Oaky and dry, this wonderfully aged wine lives long on the palet. Best for big steaks, and heavy pasta!
A semi-sweet fruity wine made in true Germanic fashion.
Light and fruity, and distinctly pink.
  Seyval Blanc
Seyval Blanc has delicate fruitiness of lemony citrus and is dry enough to complement your dinner of fresh Walleye or Whitefish. Great with Chicken, or that mess of Grouse you took last fall!
  Strawberry Demi-Sec
Tart and sweet, this wine draws memories of family picnics, and springtime fragrances.


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