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Standing Stone Vineyards

Standing Stone Vineyards Standing Stone Vineyards is a premium New York Finger Lakes farm winery. Our mission is to vinify wines from our vineyards that delight our customers and that achieve critical recognition. Our location - the historic Gold Seal Area XIII vineyard site on the east side of Seneca Lake - provides the ideal location to grow premium wine grapes, to produce world-class wines and to entertain our customers.


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9934 Route 414, Hector, NY, US, 14841 Email:
Phone: 607-582-6051 Web:
Fax: 607-582-6312
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  Cabernet Franc
An amazingly vibrant wine with a medium body and a light, fruity acidity. Taste the vibrant cranberry and raspberry flavors, with hints of vanilla on the finish, and earthy flavors underneath.
THE NAME: “Cailloux” (Kai – you) means “stones” in French. Our vineyards are grown in soil over beds of slate and limestone, which imparts nice mineral notes to our wines, and adds to their structure. This wine, a blend of Chardonnay (53%), Gewurztraminer (4%), Pinot Blanc (4%), Pinot Gris(4%), Pinot Meunier (4%), Muscat Ottonel (4%), Riesling (7%) and Vidal (20%), is smooth, well structured and nicely balanced.
Ripe banana notes on the nose continuing through the mouth along with clean pear and spicy vanilla notes finishing with a pleasant lift.
Spice is the hallmark flavor profile for Standing Stone Vineyards’ Gewurztraminer, and this wine is no exception. Clove, cardamom and cinnamon background flavors highlight typical lychee fruit flavors, which are rounded out by floral aromas. With time in the bottle this wine continues to develop nicely.
A smooth, voluptuous red wine with a mellow cedar aroma. Ripe blackberry, hyacinth and full oak characteristics make this smooth wine wonderful for food pairing.
Round blackberry flavor, aromas of cedar, mocha and a touch of tobacco with a pleasant mellow finish. Will develop beautifully for 7 to 8 years.
An elegant, aromatic medley of currant, dark chocolate and cherry. Refreshingly young and beautifully structured with a full mid-palate and a lingering aftertaste. Expect fresh fruit flavors to develop to rich dark fruit flavors with earthy complexity and tobacco notes with 7-10 years of aging.
  Pinot Noir
A dark rich cherry nose leads to round, earthy flavors. This Pinot is complex and dark; berry flavors are undercurrents while full, well-structured character dominates the mid-palate. The finish lingers with black cherry and leather. This wine promises to age extremely well.
  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The king of reds! Intense dark cherry aroma; concentrated flavors of coffee and cedar with a hint of pepper and leather. This wine boasts a rich, full mouth-feel and long lingering taste … the sign of superb quality in wine. Perfect for pairing with your favorite style of steak.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Rich butterscotch, lemon and toast flavors yield to a crisp melon and apple finish. A creamy vanilla mouthfeel from judicious use of both American and French oak barrels. Ideal with lobster or crab dishes.
This wine is lively, with round, full notes of tangerine and other exotic and tropical fruits. A hint of acidity balances the wine perfectly. The finish is a pleasant, flinty lift. Serve this Riesling with mild creamy cheddar cheese or chicken dishes, and most Asian dishes.
Rich apricot and peach flavors and texture, crisp acidity to balance the mouthfeel, and a long, silky finish.
  Smokehouse Red
This red table wine offers rich flavors and aromas. Soft in the mouth, red cherry flavors darken to subtle currant notes with a light oak finish. A versatile red; perfect for summer picnics and relaxed evenings at home. Ideal with grilled red meat dishes, or any dish with a tomato-based sauce. Try with spare ribs!
  Smokehouse Semi Dry Vidal
Bright, shiny flavors, with rich tropical mango and papaya texture. This wine pairs well with backyard barbeque food – super for summer!! Serve this to please the whole crowd.
  Smokehouse Vidal
Crisp and clean, with bright acidity to balance the rich tropical flavors. This wine pairs well with fish, shrimp and chicken on the grill, or serve it as an aperitif with smoked trout or cheddar cheese.
  The Dark Red
The Dark Red, made from the Saperavi (‘sah-peh-RAH-vee) grape, is “interesting” – that’s the word most frequently used to describe it. Many Americans are not familiar with the grape and its intense flavors. As we have made vintages several vintages of wine from this grape we are discovering new flavors: plum, pomegranate, cedar, dark cherry, and many more. The tannins are ripe, integrating a generous dose of cedar and vanilla that fans out in the long lingering finish. Very smooth and full on the palate. Please enjoy with pork or lamb shanks, and anything with eggplant.
  Vidal Ice
A ripe apricot nose starts off this rich, fruity dessert wine and continues through to the finish. Slight hazelnut overtones mix with pineapple to create a truly unique taste. The finish lingers, but also lifts, leaving only the fruit flavors with a hint of sweetness.


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Daniel says...
Their wine was awful the times I have visited the winery. Reds were oxidized and whites had no fruit. I was even at a wine dinner, their 2007 Pinot Noir was poured and it was oxidized the moment we opened the bottle. I guess they need help.

Keith M. says...
This winery has a beautiful setting. Too bad the wine is very flawed and the inside tasting room is dirty. The reds and whites that I have had most all were oxidized. Even when I participated in one of the winery's "Vertical" tastings, the wine maker poured 5 yr old + wine right out into our glasses from a freshly opened bottle without decanting or anything! The wine was brown and smelled like vinegar. If you are a wine maker, you should know better. I was very turned off and felt like she was being lazy and assuming the rest of us had no knowledge of wine. I have received many newer vintages of wine as well from their winery and they have all been you have a bottle, find it's oxidized, just cork it and drink it the next day. By that time the oxidation will have blown over and the wine will be a bit better as it is going into its next oxidation.